How do I know if I am on the right First Utility tariff?

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A price change and a tariff change are not one in the same. It is important that you are informed in what constitutes and price change and what constitutes and tariff change.

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When a price change occurs you can expect:

  1. The rate that you pay for energy will no longer be the same.
  2. This change will occur for all customers that are on the tariff with no exceptions.

If you want to prevent an unexpected change in price, it is possible to choose a fixed tariff. You can become more informed about this price change prevention method by accessing our compare tariffs page.

When a tariff change occurs you can expect:

  1. The fixed price period on your tariff has passed or expired.
  2. At this time, you can change to our standard variable tariff or choose another First Utility Tariff.

For more information on this entire process, you can visit our compare tariffs page. This will detail the steps you can take when the fixed period on your tariff has lapsed.

How Will You Be Notified About a Tariff Change?

In the event of a tariff change, you will be sent an explanation detailing the new tariff options at your disposal and other vital information regarding the price change. This notice will first be sent to you by email. If this method of notification does not work, we will then send it by mail.

How Much Notice Can Be Expected Before Tariff Change Occurs?

You can be assured that you will always be notified of all price changes at least 30 days before they go into effect. You can read the full details regarding the terms and conditions of our tariff changes at our site.

What Happens When You Want to Leave After Being Told About Tariff Changes?

If you do make the decision to leave us, there are a few things you must do to ensure that the tariff change or price change does not impact you. This includes giving us an official notice that you will be leaving before the price or tariff change goes into effect. It is also essential that the new supplier you have chosen contacts us within 15 days acknowledging that they will be taking over your energy supply needs.

A more detailed guide involving all price change and tariff change issues can be found on our site.

Contact First Utility on 0843 770 5059 to find out more.

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