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  • Renewing E.ON tariffs guide

    By Energy Company Numbers on August 1, 2019
    Whether you are switching to E.ON or you are an existing customer, changing or renewing your tariff need not be a difficult or time consuming process. It’s relatively easy to renew your tariff, however, there are details that you need to be aware of to ensure that you avoid common mistakes and make the process as smooth as possible. Below […]
  • Is Dual Fuel Cheaper?

    By Energy Company Numbers on July 25, 2019
    Energy prices are the highest they’ve ever been, and the ‘big six’ seem intent on squeezing every last penny out of homeowners and businesses. But are consumers missing a trick? Could you save money with a dual fuel energy tariff? Is dual fuel cheaper? Dual fuel energy tariffs combine both gas and electricity energy sources into one tariff. The point […]
  • What is an In-Home Display (IHD)?

    By Energy Company Numbers on July 15, 2019
    An In-Home Display (IHD) is a device with a touchscreen that communicates with a smart meter to display energy consumption statistics in real-time. IHDs are battery-powered and portable, so they can be placed in any room of the home, to help you monitor your energy use.  IHDs operate separately to, but in conjunction with, smart meters. You can think of […]
  • How to Complain to SSE

    By Energy Company Numbers on July 5, 2019
    SSE is, in 2019, one of the biggest energy companies in the UK with over 8.5 million people taking gas and electricity from the company every day. Formed from the merger of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board and the Southern Electric Board in 1998, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) quickly began expanding operations with a number of acquisitions. In […]
  • Smart meter data – A guide to your rights and choices

    By Energy Company Numbers on June 20, 2019
    If you are concerned about how your data will be used with smart meters, read on. There’s no doubting that smart meters are poised to bring a huge number of benefits to our lives. Whether it’s the end of estimated bills and nosy meter men, being able to see how much energy you’re using or just the ability to point […]
  • How to top up your E.ON prepayment meter

    By Energy Company Numbers on June 11, 2019
    Millions of people get their gas & electricity from E.ON, and prepayment is one of the most popular methods. If you have not yet signed up for prepayment, it may be worth doing so. Prepayment offers a high level of control over your energy usage and it’s ideal for those on a budget. If you have recently signed up for […]
  • What is Economy 7?

    By Energy Company Numbers on June 5, 2019
    Economy 7 is a type of energy tariff that offers different pricing options for electricity depending on the time of day or night. This type of tariff functions in a similar way to peak and off-peak phone calls. All electricity that is used during the night time hours has a lower price. Why Economy 7? The reason that this tariff […]
  • How to switch your energy supplier

    By Energy Company Numbers on June 1, 2019
    Thinking of changing energy supplier? Find out how to switch with our handy guide with everything you need to know – and don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated about it! The rising cost of energy is enough to make even the most financially secure households worry – and there’s no shame in seeking a cheaper, fairer deal. We’ll kick-start our guide […]
  • SWALEC history and current market position

    By Energy Company Numbers on May 22, 2019
    Our energy providers are the backbone of our day to day life. Whether we think about them or not, it’s hard to deny that without them, we’d be completely lost. From the first cup of tea in the morning to a hot bath before bed, energy is the key to a functional home life. They become even more important than […]
  • Scottish Power Gas Card Not Working? Here’s How to fix it

    By Energy Company Numbers on May 4, 2019
    If your Scottish Power gas card is not working, call Scottish Gas now on 0843 770 5075 to top up your gas meter on the telephone or to order a new card. Let’s face it, our energy supplier isn’t one of the things we like to think about. In an ideal world, we’d get set up and never have to engage […]

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