Co-op Energy Contact Number: 0843 636 6764

Call Co-op Energy customer service on 0843 636 6764 for account, billing and meter enquiries. You can also call Co-op Energy on Freephone 0800 954 0693.
Co-op energy contact number

Customer services – 0843 636 6764

Contact Co-op Energy for all general enquiries on 0843 636 6764 This phone number will connect you to the Co-op Energy customer service department. This contact number is suitable for all billing, meter and account enquiries. If you have been overcharged on your bill, or you have an issue with your gas or electricity supply, call this number to speak to a member of the Co-op Energy customer service team. The Co-op Energy customer service department is open Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 20:00 and on Saturday: 09:00 – 16:00.

Meter readings – 0800 093 7547 

If you want to submit a meter reading, call Co-op Energy on 0800 093 7547. This telephone number will connect you to the Co-op Energy meter reading team. Call to submit a new meter reading, to request information on an old meter reading, or if you have a technical enquiry about your meter. If you have a technical problem with your gas or electricity meter, you can also call this number for support.

Billing enquiries – 0800 954 0693

If you have a question or a query about a recent bill you have received, call Co-op Energy on 0800 954 0693. This number will connect you to the Co-op Energy billing team, who will be able to assist you with your enquiry. You can also use this phone number to make a payment on a recent bill you have received, or to query a recent charge on your Co-op Energy account.

Changing tariffs – 0800 093 7511

Call Co-op Energy on 0800 093 7511 for the tariffs team. If you are thinking about changing tariff, or you want to switch to Co-op Energy, this phone number will connect you to the right department. By calling this number, you’ll be able to request information about the tariff you are on, request a quote on a new tariff, change tariffs or setup a new plan based on your needs.

Moving home – 0800 781 1605

To notify Co-op Energy about moving home, call the Co-op Energy homecare team on 0800 781 1605. This telephone number will connect you to a customer advisor on the specialist homecare team. Call to notify Co-op Energy that you are moving home, or to make an enquiry about your energy supply after moving in. This is the official Freephone number published by Co-op Energy.

To make a payment – 0800 092 8277 or 01189 286213

Contact Co-op Energy on 0800 092 8277 or 01189 286213 to make a payment. You can make a payment over the phone by credit or debit card to clear your account or a portion of your account balance. You can also call this phone number to make an enquiry about a recent payment you have made, or to request information about a recent bill you have received.

Feed in tariff – 0800 781 1597

Feed-in tariff Co-op Energy customers should call 0800 781 1597 for customer service. If you are a feed-in tariff customer, this number is suitable for al your account, bill and payment enquiries. If you have a question about your payments, or the energy you are generating for Co-op Energy, call them on this number to speak to a member of the feed-in tariff customer service team.

Website and account issues – 01926 516 152

Call Co-op Energy on 01926 516 152 to report website and account issues. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing your online account, or you have another account issue, call this number for immediate support. You can also call this number if you are struggling to register for an account, or if you are a new Co-op Energy customer and you can’t login to your online account.

Refunds – 0800 954 0693

The refund contact number for Co-op Energy is the same as the customer service number – 0800 954 0693. Call this number to request a refund on your account, or to enquire about a refund you may be owed. If your account has been overcharged, or you are confused about a recent bill you have received, you can call the Co-op Energy refunds department for help and assistance.

Summary of Co-op Energy contact numbers

Co-op Energy Contact Numbers
Customer service0843 636 6764
Billing enquiries0800 954 0693
Meter readings0800 093 7547
Moving home0800 781 1605
Make a payment0800 092 8277

All lines are open: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 20:00 or Saturday: 09:00 – 16:00

Complaints – 0800 954 0693

Phone Co-op Energy on 0800 954 0693 to make a complaint. This is the number for the Co-op Energy complaints department. Co-op Energy’s customer advisors are trained to offer you the best customer experience. If you have a complaint, you can register it over the phone. By calling, you will get to speak to a customer advisor within just a few minutes. Alternatively, you can make a complaint with Co-op Energy in writing.

Alternative contact methods for Co-op Energy

You can also get in touch with Co-op Energy using the following information:

Contact Co-op Energy in writing

Write to Co-op Energy at the follow address:

The Co-operative Energy,
Energy House,
Athena Drive,
Tachbrook Park,
Leamington Spa,
CV34 6RQ.
United Kingdom.

You can also write to:

Co-operative Energy,
Warwick Technology Park,
CV34 6DA.

Co-op Energy customer service email address

Co-op Energy have not published a customer service email address. Instead, they have an email form on their website.

Co-op Energy on social media

You can also contact Co-op Energy on social media. Co-op Energy are most responsive to messages on Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook –

Twitter –

Google Plus –

LinkedIn –

YouTube –

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