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You can switch tariff with First Utility when your existing tariff ends. First Utility should notify you in accordance with Ofgem rules 42-49 days before the end of your plan, to give you chance to switch. It is your consumer right to switch to a cheaper tariff if one is available. You can continue with First Utility as your supplier, or you can switch to a new supplier.

First Utility customers can save money by switching to another tariff. Below, we will cover the various scenarios in which you may be thinking about changing your tariff with guidance for the same.

Changing to a new tariff within 14 days of taking out another tariff

If you are a First Utility customer, then you may be able to change your tariff to a cheaper one inside your contract period. However, the ability for you to do so depends on when you signed up to your current tariff.

You have 14 days from the date of your new tariff to change to a different First Utility tariff. This can be considered as a cooling off period. If you are within the 14 day limit and you want to make a tariff change request, you can call 0843 770 5059 (calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge) or email First Utility’s customer service team will put you onto a tariff of your choice or help you to find a more suitable tariff for your needs.

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Contact First Utility here.

Changing tariff if you are on a 1 year fixed tariff

If you are on a 1 year fixed tariff at the moment, it may be worth switching to another 1 year fixed tariff which may be cheaper. A new 1 year fixed tariff may also have lower or no exit fees. But can you do this?

The simple answer is yes, you can change your 1 year fixed tariff. You can change your tariff to another 1 year fixed tariff any time during your fixed period – the only snag is that you will have taken out an additional number of months with First Utility, but if that’s suitable for your needs then it could save you money. However, you should know that if you cancel your fixed tariff First Utility may charge you an exit fee. We recommend that you always know how much cancelling may cost you.

Changing to a new tariff isn’t an option, what should I do?

If you are paying too much for your energy with First Utility, you can perform some research on price comparison websites to find a few suppliers who are cheaper. When you do, you can switch to a new supplier quickly and easily.

We have written a comprehensive switching guide if you are in this situation. It will help you to understand the switching process and what steps you need to take to complete the process. Millions of energy consumers switch their supplier every year so you are not alone. The process for doing so is straightforward and in no time you will have cheaper energy bills.

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