Are British Gas boilers expensive?

By Energy Company Numbers on July 6, 2022 in British Gas, Help and advice

Are British Gas boilers expensive?

We recently received a question from a lady named Emma Wilkinson, who wanted to know whether a quote she received from British Gas for a new boiler was value for money.

The question was as follows:

“Hi ECN,

I have been quoted £4,000 for a boiler from British Gas. The quote is for the supply of a floor standing boiler and it covers fitting, for my 2 bed semi. I wanted to know whether this quote is fair, and whether it is the going rate for a boiler. I can’t really afford that amount of money, but I do have to heat my home. Should I go for it?”

Here’s how we answered Emma’s question:

“Hi Emma,

To cut a long story short, £4,000 is in our opinion well over the odds for a new boiler, whether it includes fitting or not. We strongly recommend contacting a few local installers for separate quotes. Having worked in this industry for some time, we can confidently say that you should be looking to pay £1,500-£2,500 for a floor standing boiler, fitting included, with a warranty. That’s half the cost British Gas has quoted you. £4,000 is the upper-end of the spectrum when it comes to boiler costs. You’d expect to pay that for a boiler that’s going to heat a mansion, not a 2-bed semi.

Please remember, however, to get quotes only from engineers who are Gas Safe Registered; this is an incredibly important point. The last thing you want is for a dodgy outfit to provide a low quality, cut-price solution.

Good luck!”

Emma got back to us three weeks after sending in her question to tell us she managed to get a new boiler and three new radiators installed for £2,800 in total. That’s a great result.

View British Gas contact numbers here.

Are British Gas boilers expensive?

Emma’s predicament isn’t the first time we have heard about British Gas and their expensive boiler quotes. In our opinion, British Gas boilers are expensive, and especially when you compare them to independent quotes. Just a few years ago, I myself was quoted £5,000 for a new combi boiler by another energy supplier (not British Gas). I was able to get it for £2,400 in the end, with a substantial warranty, after some haggling with a local installer.

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The basic rule of thumb here is to always shop around for a new boiler; don’t be swayed by British Gas or any other energy supplier’s slick branding and marketing. Independent installers are fantastic and providing they are Gas Safe registered, will perform a job to the same quality.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when receiving a quote for a new boiler, be it from British Gas, an independent supplier or a sole engineer, you should always ask for a cost breakdown. You need to know how much the boiler itself costs, so that you can work out what mark-up the installer is making off it. A good quote will include a mark-up of around 10 per cent, so £100 on a £1,000 boiler.

Energy suppliers are notorious for marking up the hardware they sell; it’s not uncommon to see a 50 per cent mark-up, which is quite honestly scandalous. So always watch out for this.

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