What is the E.ON Energy Fund?

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What is the E.ON Energy Fund?

Most energy customers are looking for ways to stretch their money. Energy is a necessity that you can’t live without, but many customers have trouble paying their monthly bill on time.

If you are dealing with issues regarding your energy payments, there are resources that you can take advantage of. The E. ON Energy Fund was specifically designed to help those individuals struggling to pay their energy bills. No matter what energy company you are a customer of, it is possible to get help paying your bills from the E. On Energy Fund. This fund has a number of uses and there are many customers that qualify for bill payment assistance of this kind.

Contact E.ON on 0843 770 5036

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Continue reading below for more information about the E. ON Energy Fund and how it works:

Current or Previous Energy Bills Paid

One of the best aspects of the E. ON Energy Fund is that all types of energy bills can be paid through this fund. Not only can you get help paying current energy bills, but also past due bills from a previous energy supplier. This fund can also be used when you are struggling to pay a final energy bill and require assistance. Struggling to make your energy bill payments on time is not something that you have to suffer through alone. There are assistance programs designed to help people in need.

More than Just Paying Current or Previous Energy Bills

Not only is the E. ON Energy Fund designed to offer relief of energy bills, but it also helps you to replace many types of appliances. Appliances in your home that require energy are the items that can be replaced through the E. ON Energy Fund. The types of appliances that this includes are cookers, refrigerators, freezers and even washing machines. If you have an appliance that is not functioning properly or stopped working completely, it is possible to have it replaced through the E. ON Energy Fund. Even gas boilers can be repaired or replaced through this fund for energy customers. Make sure that you check out your options before deciding to purchase a replacement on your own.

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Do You Have to Apply for the EON energy fund?

In order to obtain assistance through the E. ON Energy Fund, you do have to apply and qualify for the fund. Applying for this fund is fairly straightforward and you can get an application online or by calling 03303 80 10 90. Be sure to fill out the application in full to ensure that you are considered for the E. ON Energy Fund.

What is the Criteria for Qualifying?

Not only do you have to apply for the E. ON Energy Fund and be accepted, but there is also criteria that you must meet to even be considered. This means that you should look over the criteria before even submitting an application for the E. ON Energy Fund. If you meet the criteria for applying, then you can go online or call for an application.

Here is a brief overview of the criteria that you need to meet to qualify for the E. ON Energy Fund:

Are You a Pensioner?

Pensioners qualify for the E. ON Energy Fund. This means that if you are over the age of 62 and receive a Pension credit, then you will likely meet the qualifications. All pensioners that obtain a tax credit and are having difficulty making energy bill payments can obtain assistance through the E. ON Energy Fund.

Criteria for Families

Those families that are looking for help paying energy bills must be in receipt of Child Tax Credits. Not only does the household need to qualify for Child Tax Credits or the equivalent, but the total income can’t be above £16,190. This is the income threshold for families that qualify for the E. ON Energy Fund. It is also a requirement that at least one child under the age of 18 is under legal guardianship of another member of the household. Receiving a Disabled Child Premium is also a criteria for qualifying and getting a Child Tax Credit that includes Disability or Severe Disability can also be a qualifying criteria for any household.

Do You Have a Disability?

Criteria for the E. ON Energy Fund also includes any household with someone receiving a Universal Credit and is unemployed. A household with someone suffering from a terminal illness also meets specific criteria of the fund.

If you have questions regarding the E. ON Energy Fund, you can go online or call 03303 80 10 90 for more information. Once you have read through the qualifying criteria, you can then submit an application and begin the process of gaining assistance through the E. ON Energy Fund. This fund is specifically designed for energy customers that are having a difficult time paying their energy bills.

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