The Benefits to an Eon Credit Meter

By Energy Company Numbers on June 23, 2016 in Help and advice

A lot of people are put off from installing an Eon credit meter in their homes because they mistakenly think they’ll be too expensive. While they certainly aren’t suitable for everyone, a credit meter can actually help save you a lot of money; especially if you have changing energy needs or if you’re on a budget. So what exactly is an Eon credit meter and what benefits do they come with?

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Understanding Eon credit meters

Eon credit meters are more commonly referred to as pre-payment meters. They work on a “pay as you go” basis, allowing you to top up and pay for your energy use in advance. You can buy top ups from shops, post offices and even online.

It’s estimated there are around six million of these meters currently installed throughout the UK. Some energy suppliers have them installed at a customer’s property if they are in arrears and struggling to pay their monthly bill.

What benefits can you expect?

At one time, pre-payment meters did develop a reputation as being more expensive than the pay monthly option. However, these days there are a lot of different tariffs available to customers. Some are still more expensive so you need to be savvy when shopping for a meter. Choose a supplier that offers the best rates.

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The main benefits you can get from these meters include:

  • More control over how much you’re spending
  • Competitive tariffs
  • No surprising shock bills to deal with each month

If you’re on a budget or in debt and you’re trying to gain control over your finances, an Eon credit meter can help. You can control exactly how much you’re spending on energy each month. You’re also offered a wide range of tariffs from various different suppliers. So you’re not tied in to a particular deal and can search for cheaper options.

With monthly or annual payments, there’s always the risk you could end up with a surprise bill. You obviously aren’t monitoring what you’re using so it’s easy to forget about it until you receive an unusually high bill through the post. With pre-payment meters you don’t have to worry about this, making it one less thing to worry about.

Overall Eon credit meters can save money and they’re great for those who don’t always use the same amount of energy each month. If you’re trying to get on top of your energy bills, it’s definitely worth looking into having a meter installed.

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