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Utilita top-ups are made easy with online, SMS and phone options available.

If you have lost your Utilita top-up card, or if your top-up card has stopped working, then you can request a replacement top-up card from Utilita. Utilita replacement top-up cards incur a charge of £6, and they take around 8 days to arrive by post.

Utilita top-up cards include the Blue Card, Red Card, Temporary Quantum Gas Card and the Quantum System Gas Card. You can request a replacement for any of these.

To request a replacement top-up card, you should call a Utilita contact number for top-ups. The automated top-up line is available on 03452 068 333.

Alternatively, you can also generate your own top-up card at home. Utilita will send you a free version of your top-up card, by email, which you can use at a Paypoint outlet to pay for your energy. To request a free e-card, visit this page and select the card from the images which you need. Press ‘Submit’, and you will then be given the option to generate your own top-up card. At this stage, you also have the option to have a new card sent to you by post. If you choose this option, Utilita will charge you £6 but the cost will be added to your meter and split across your subsequent top-ups.

What if my replacement card hasn’t turned up?

In the unlikely event that your top-up card goes missing in the post, you should notify Utilita as soon as possible so that they can look into it and issue you a new card.

Overall, requesting a new top-up card from Utilita is a hassle-free process. If you need energy right now and your old card is lost, stolen or damaged, we recommend requesting a free e-card which will be sent to you by email. However, you should also request a new card by post, since it is more convenient than carrying a piece of paper with your details on around. A replacement top-up card only costs £6 and you won’t be charged anything up front, so it’s well worth it.

Are there any other ways to top-up with Utilita?

Yes – you can top-up with Utilita online, by SMS, and on the phone.

To top-up online: Login to your Utilita account at this page.

To top-up by SMS: Text Pay followed by your top-up card number, with the amount you would like to top up and your 3-digit security code, and send your text to 01803 500 051.

Here’s an example of how to format your text:

Utilita sms top-up

Top top-up by phone: Utilita operates an automated top-up line which you can reach on 03452 068 333. Topping up by phone takes just a few minutes. You will need your 19-digit top-up card number to top-up by phone though, so make sure you have this to hand.

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