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Utilita Contact Number: 0843 770 5082

Call Utilita customer service on 0843 770 5082 for top-ups, account support, billing enquiries and meter readings.

Customer service – 0843 770 5082

Contact Utilita on 0843 770 5082 for all customer service enquiries. Alternatively, call Utilita on 03303 337 441. This Utilita contact number is suitable for all general enquiries. Lines are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. Call to make a payment, for questions about a recent bill, for questions about your Utilita account, or for top-ups by phone.

Utilita contact number

Automated top-up line – 03452 068 333

Contact Utilita on 03452 068 333 for automated top-ups. This is the phone number for automated payments. Call to top-up by phone or to make a payment. Before you call, please remember to have your unique Utilita top-up card number to hand – this is 19-digits long. You will also need to have a payment method available. You can pay for energy over the phone by credit or debit card. This number is open 24-hours.

The minimum top-up per meter over the phone is £5 with a maximum top-up per meter of £50.

Automated meter reading line – 03452 093 750

Submit a meter reading by phone by calling Utilita on 03452 093 750. This is the Utilita contact number for automated meter readings. Before you call, remember to have a fresh meter reading to hand. Alternatively, you can submit a meter reading by email to or you can text ‘Utilita’ followed by your account number and ‘Elec’ or ‘Gas’ to 84433. This number is open 24-hours.

Emergency line – 03452 068 999

If you have an emergency, call Utilita on 03452 068 999. This is the direct dial number for Utilita emergencies. Call to report an issue with your energy supply or to request emergency credit. Please note: If you have an immediate emergency with your electricity supply, or you believe that your electricity supply presents an immediate danger, call the National Grid on 0800 111 999. This number is open 8:00am – 10:00pm everyday.

Sign up – 03452 068 777

Phone Utilita on 03452 068 777 to sign-up as a new customer. This Utilita telephone number will connect you to the Utilita customer service team. Call to sign-up to a new tariff or to renew your existing tariff with Utilita. You can also call this number if you have questions about a tariff, or if you want to request a quote. Existing customers should call the customer service number listed above.

Fax number – 08700 052 613

The fax number for Utilita is 08700 052 613. You can send a fax to provide Utilita with copies of paper documents quickly. Before you send a fax to Utilita, make sure you include all necessary information in the documents. These may include your Utilita customer number, your Utilita top-up card number, or payment details if you wish to clear an owed amount in your account.

Billing enquiry – 03303 337 440

Call Utilita on 03303 337 440 for billing enquiries. This Utilita contact number will connect you to the Utilita billing team. Call for all billing enquiries, including questions about bills, direct debits and prepayment. This number is suitable for both new and exiting customers and for both gas and electricity customers. Call today to speak to a Utilita customer service representative.

Complaints – 03452 072 000

If you wish to make a complaint with Utilita, call 03452 072 000. This is the number for the Utilita complaints department. Utilita complaints can also be processed in writing or by email. We have provided relevant contact details for written and email complaints with Utilita further down the page. Calling Utilita is the most efficient way to make a new complaint. This number is also suitable for registered complaints.

Account support – 03303 337 441

Call Utilita on 03303 337 441 for account support. This phone number will connect you to the Utilita accounts department. They will be able to assist you with registering for an account, changing your account details and updating your password. This number is also suitable for reporting any online issues that you have experienced. Call now for account support from Utilita.

Summary of Utilita contact numbers

Customer service 0843 770 5082
Automated top-up line 03452 068 333
Automated meter reading line 03452 093 750
Emergency line 03452 068 999
Sign up 03452 068 777
Fax number 08700 052 613
Billing enquiry 03303 337 440
Complaints 03452 072 000
Account support 03303 337 441

Utilita phone opening times

Customer service: Lines are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Automated lines: Lines are open 24-hours.

Billing enquiries: Lines are open 8:00am – 8:00pm Mon – Fri.

Utilita business contact number – 0843 770 5082

Utilita do not have a dedicated line for business customers. Customers should contact Utilita on 0843 770 5082 or 03303 337 441. These numbers are for all general enquiries. For business sales, phone Utilita on 03452 068 777 to speak to a customer advisor.

Alternative contact methods for Utilita

You can write to Utilita or you can email Utilita. You can also send Utilita a message on social media. For immediate customer service, it is best to contact Utilita by phone using one of the Utilita contact numbers listed above.

Utilita top-up by SMS

Top-up your meter by texting ‘Pay‘ followed by your top-up card number, followed by the amount, and then your 3-digit payment card security code, to 01803 500 051.

Your text message should look like this:

Utilita top-up by SMS

Image source: Utilita.

The minimum top-up per meter by SMS is £10 with a maximum top-up per meter of £175.

Please note that to top-up by SMS you must first register.

Contact Utilita in writing

Write to Utilita at the following addresses:

HQ address

Utilita Energy Limited
Utilita House
Moorside Road
SO23 7RX

Complaints address

Utilita Energy Limited,
Hutwood Court,
Bournemouth Road,
Chandler’s Ford,
SO53 3QB.

Utilita customer service email address

The email address for Utilita customer service is

The email address for submitting a meter reading to Utilita is:


WeQ4U is a way to contact Utilita on the phone without having to queue. It’s a mobile application available on Google Play and iTunes.

Utilita Live Chat

Prefer to chat with Utilita using Live Chat? Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a Live Chat widget on the Utilita website.

Alternative contact methods can be found below.

Priority Services Register application form

To apply for the Priority Services Register (PSR) with Utilita, visit

Utilita help centre

If you have a general question about your energy supply, topping up, energy usage, managing your account, switching to Utilita, installation or moving home, visit for helpful articles, guides and frequently asked questions.

Utilita on social media

Facebook –

Twitter –

Google Plus –

LinkedIn –

YouTube –

Call Utilita on 0843 770 5082 for customer service enquiries

Contact Utilita on 0843 770 5082 to speak to a customer service advisor. Call this number for billing and payment enquiries, for prepayment top-ups, for questions about your account or to make a complaint.

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