No gas with British Gas pay as you go meter?

By Energy Company Numbers on June 15, 2020 in British Gas, Help and advice

No gas? No problem. In this guide, we will help you get your gas supply up and running again and you will find out why your British Gas pay as you go meter has stopped working as it should.

If you have a British Gas pay as you go meter and no gas, there are four reasons why this may be. In this article, we will go through each of these reasons with a solution for each, to hopefully get you a gas supply as quickly as possible. So let’s begin:

Your meter has switched off, and you have no gas

If your meter isn’t displaying anything, then it has switched off. This isn’t a technical fault. It means that you have run out of emergency credit. To get your meter switched on again, you will have to top it up. You can do this at any eligible supermarket or newsagent. British Gas recommend’s that you top up with at least £15, to ensure you have plenty of credit for gas.

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Your meter has an error message, and you have no gas

If your meter has an error message, and you have credit left, then there’s two common reasons for this. 1) Technical failure – if your meter has a technical failure, the error message will read ‘call help’. You should contact British Gas as soon as possible if your meter says this. 2) Card failure – if your meter has a card failure, then it could be that your card is faulty or the technology used to read the card has failed. You can solve this issue by cleaning the chip on the card, and cleaning the outer area of your meter where you insert your card. This should solve your problem.

If this information does not help, then you should call British Gas.

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Your meter has no error message, and you have no gas

If your meter has no error message and you definitely have credit on your card, and upon card insertion you have no gas, then first check to see if our gas appliances are on, to see if you simply haven’t tested them properly (we know you’re not stupid, but everyone can make mistakes). If this doesn’t solve your issue, then try cleaning your card and the outer area of the meter that accepts the card with a soft cloth and little water. You should refrain from tapping or knocking the meter, as you may damage the delicate internals of the device and make your problem worse.

If after this you still have no gas, you should contact British Gas for help. British Gas will help you get your gas supply up and running again. Here’s the URL to contact them online:

If you smell gas, then call gas emergency services on 0800 111 999 immediately. This phone number will connect you with the National Grid.

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