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British Gas Contact Phone Number

British Gas Contact Number | 0843 770 5045

British Gas Customer Contact Telephone Number | 0843 770 5045

Call British Gas customer service on 0843 770 5045 / 0800 048 0202, from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-6pm on a Saturday. These British Gas contact numbers will put you through to the British Gas customer service team. 0800 048 0202 is the free phone number for British Gas.

You can contact British Gas as a new or existing customer, to enquire about tariffs, billing, accounts, smart meters, pay-as-you-go energy and meter readings. Alternative ways to contact British Gas can be found below.

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British Gas Contact Numbers

British Gas Customer Service 0800 048 0202
British Gas General Enquiries 0843 770 5045
Technical Support 0843 636 6787
HomeCare Enquiries 0843 636 6788
Billing Support 0843 770 5045
Bill Payment 0843 636 6786

Opening hours

* Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm, Saturday: 8am – 6pm.

British Gas has call centres in Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Stockport and Oldbury. They also have call centres in Edinburgh, Cardiff and at Uddingston in South Lanarkshire. In total, they employ over 15,000 people in a customer service role, many of whom are based in call centres. British Gas customers can call 0843 770 5045 or 0800 048 0202 for customer service, or 0800 980 6005 for sales.

British Gas Contact Details

Full Address British Gas, PO Box 227, ROTHERHAM, S98 1PD
Phone 0843 770 5045
Support Page
Social Media Google Plus:

The best way to contact British Gas is on the telephone, presuming you have an immediate account enquiry. There are several published British Gas telephone numbers. Having tested these, we recommend the numbers 0843 770 5045 and 0800 048 0202. British Gas customers can call these numbers for customer service, account and billing enquiries, or to make a complaint.

Introducing British Gas

British Gas

British Gas is the UK’s leading energy supplier with customers in England, Wales and Scotland. They supply over 10 million homes with gas and electricity and hundreds of thousands of businesses, too. British Gas customer service is well known for being quick to deal with, however in recent times British Gas has been hit with a disastrous exodus of more than 400,000 customers after they raised their energy prices. However, there is more to British Gas than simply electricity and gas. The company has taken a number of measures to make energy more accessible for users, with a tariff checker tool, simplified tariffs, and tariff comparisons available, for example. British Gas was crowned the IMRG Best Utility Supplier 2013 and won the uSwitch Energy Awards in 2012. And so if you are looking for an energy supplier who understands energy and wants to make it easier for customers to get in touch, British Gas may be the energy company for you.

British Gas Customer Service Number 0843 770 5045

To find out more about British Gas, call our British Gas contact number on 0843 770 5045, today. Alternatively, we have prepared a number of handy British Gas guides for you if you simply need a little information. You can find these below. You will also discover a wealth of additional information about British Gas such as their history and who they are, as well as alternative contact information for British Gas further down this page.

British Gas Market Position and Analysis

British GasBritish Gas is the best-known energy supplier in the UK. They are also the leading UK energy supplier of gas and electricity, ahead of the other big five, and a leading supplier of boilers and servicing solutions. The company has a rich history that dates back to 1812. The company as we know it today was founded in 1997. British Gas is led by Chris Weston, its Managing Director, and it has a corporate structure. The company is well run and it is highly profitable.

For instance, British Gas made £528million from supplying homes in the first half of 2015 alone, which is more than they made in the whole of 2014. This huge increase in profits came as the company increased its energy prices for winter. However, this positive press was overshadowed by an announcement the previous week that the company only cut family bills by 5% in the same period. This led to outrage, however the negative press surrounding this incident died down within a few months, and business resumed as usual.

Despite this, British Gas’s energy prices are among the most competitive among the ‘big six’ energy suppliers, and in 2014 a survey found that 70% of customers were satisfied with their service. The company is well known for its excellent customer service and quick call centres. One noteworthy perk of being a British Gas customer at the moment is that there are no exit fees for simply switching between British Gas energy tariffs – so if a tariff isn’t working out for you, you can switch without it costing you a penny. Contact British Gas using our number to find out more about this perk.

The main business of British Gas is the supply of gas and electricity to domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK. It offers both variable and fixed-rate monthly tariffs and prepayment meters. It aims to supply smart meters to all its customers by 2020.

The company also offers a number of other related services including boiler installation, plumbing and the servicing of electrical systems and appliances. In addition, it provides buildings and contents insurance, insurance for boilers and electrical appliances, and landlord insurance.

British Gas was also responsible for developing the Hive app, which enables people to control their heating and hot water from their smartphones.

British Gas number for meter readings?

To submit a meter reading, the British Gas number for meter readings is 0800 048 0202 or 0843 770 5045.

British gas number for lost electric key?

If you have lost your electric key, the British Gas number for lost electric key is 0800 048 0303 or 0843 770 5045.

British Gas Fact File

Parent Company Centrica
Founded 1997
Slogan "Looking after your world"
Products Electricity, Gas, Boilers, Central Heating, Home Servicing
CEO Mark Hodges
Market Position #1 - Over 20 Million Customers

British Gas employs approximately 30,000 people, including a network of over 10,000 engineers throughout the UK. The company’s direction and strategy are set out by the Board and implemented by the Chief Executive, who is supported by a team of several Executive Directors.

British Gas customer service 0843 770 5045

British Gas customer service is 90 percent UK-based. One British Gas UK customer service number you can use is 0843 770 5045. This contact number will get you through to a human being, but there is no guarantee that the person will be UK-based. British Gas does outsource some operations abroad.

British Gas top up contact number 0843 770 5045

British Gas number

If you wish to make a British Gas top up, the number you can call is 0843 770 5045. This British Gas top up phone number is for prepaid tariffs. Topping up your prepaid tariff is as simple as following the phone call’s instructions. You can also query British Gas about your top up account.

Home Energy Top Up is a service available to all British Gas pay as you go customers. To use this service, you will need an active British Gas prepayment account and a valid key or top up card. Home Top Up lets you top up your electricity or gas online, rather than at a PayPoint outlet or Post Office.

Prepaid tariffs from British Gas are becoming increasingly popular as more and more home owners look to take back control over their energy use. A prepaid tariff is pay-as-you-go, with customers topping up a prepayment card to keep their gas and electricity going. British Gas pay-as-you-go customers can call 0843 770 5045 for customer services – prepaid tariff customer service is highly efficient, and recommended if you are having problems with your prepaid British Gas account. Known issues with this tariff include meters not accepting cards, and meters displaying an error message. In all cases, you should query British Gas to get your issues resolved.

British Gas HomeCare Number: 0843 770 5045

British Gas HomeCareTM customers can call 0843 770 5045 Monday to Friday for advice and support. This HomeCare and HomeCareTM 100, 200, 300 and 400 number is designed to put you in touch with a customer service representative as quickly as possible. We recommend that you follow the instructions given on the phone call, to ensure you get through to the HomeCare customer department first time. The average length of calls to this number are 8 minutes, which isn’t bad, when you consider that many HomeCare customers will be booking a service.

HomeCare One

HomeCare One is the basic service plan from British Gas. It covers your boiler & controls only.

HomeCare Two

HomeCare Two is the standard service plan from British Gas. It covers your boiler, controls and central heating.

HomeCare Three

HomeCare Three is an advanced service plan for British Gas. In addition to HomeCare 200 cover, it also covers your  plumbing and drains.

HomeCare Four

HomeCare Four is the complete service plan for British Gas customers. In additional to HomeCare 300 cover, your home electrical system is also covered. This is the most expensive plan, but it is also the best.

“Thank you for publishing this number for British Gas. I can’t count how many time I’ve been on hold to this company only to have the phone call fail tens of minutes into being on hold. I’ve found this number to be extremely reliable and I recommend it highly.” – Elizabeth Berkshire.

“I am a British Gas HomeCare customer and I could not book a service. Your number helped me to book a service quickly, and I have now recommended it to my family and friends, so thank you.” – James Smart.

You can contact British Gas using our telephone contact number, whether you are on a standard tariff, a fixed tariff or a pay-as-you-go energy tariff. This customer service telephone number is also for HomeCare customers wishing to book a service or find out more about what their plan covers, and it will get you through to a customer service representative extremely quickly (within 5 minutes on average) – simply be sure to select the right options at the start of your call to be put through to the right people. By calling the British Gas helpline, you can talk about and discuss the following:

  • British Gas helpline;
  • British Gas HomeCare number;
  • British Gas prepaid number;
  • Gas and Electricity supply for households and business;
  • Services and products, including eco;
  • Account information and energy usage;
  • Energy efficiency techniques;
  • HomeCare;
  • Pay-as-you-go tariffs;
  • Other advice and support;
  • Boiler & heating cover;
  • Boiler repairs;
  • Boiler service & safety;
  • New boilers;
  • Heating upgrades.

British Gas call centres are, for the most part, UK-based. We can’t guarantee that you will get through to a UK-based call centre by calling our British Gas contact number, because we are simply a telephone directory service. We have no doubt however that British Gas will strive to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

British Gas weekend number 0800 048 0202 or 0843 770 5045

British Gas customers can call 0800 048 0202 or 0843 770 5045 for weekend customer service. These British Gas weekend numbers are available Saturday: 8am – 6pm. There is no Sunday British Gas number at this time.

British Gas business contact number 0843 770 5045

Business gas and electricity solutions from British Gas are reliable and cost-effective with fixed tariffs available. British Gas have proven to be a particularly popular energy supplier with SMEs. If you are thinking about choosing British Gas as your business energy supplier, then the best way to find out more about British Gas business energy solutions is to give them a call and speak to a customer service representative. This way, you can talk about the following plus much more:

  • Business energy solutions;
  • Business energy services;
  • Business energy tariffs;
  • Business billing;
  • Business accounts;
  • Business energy saving;
  • Other business energy help.

British gas also offers energy servicing for compliance including boiler maintenance and repair – this is essential if you are a landlord or let business properties. You may also submit your company for meter readings as a British Gas business customer. Call British Gas to find out more. The great thing about our number is that it’s designed for both new business customers and existing business customers. So give it a call today to get started.

British Gas free phone number 0800 048 0202

You can call British Gas using the free phone number 0800 048 0202 (account enquiries and general customer services). 0800 numbers are free of charge from all consumer landlines and mobile phones. This is an official British Gas number published on the British Gas website.

Our British Gas phone number

Our British Gas number costs 7p per minutes to call plus your phone company’s access charge, and it is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Our telephone number exists because it has become increasingly difficult to contact British Gas, because they do not make it easy for you to find their phone number. Instead they have invested in their website which is a hub of excellent information but not all questions are answered here. If you can’t find the information that you need on the British Gas website, we recommend using our number to call them.

Additional British Gas contact information

You can contact British Gas on 0843 770 5045 or you can write to British Gas at the address below. You can also contact British Gas on Twitter or on Facebook (we have provided links below). The best way to get in touch with British Gas however is to simply call our British Gas customer contact number on 0843 770 5045, which we routinely test every week to make sure that it is operational and most of all reliable. Alternatively, you may wish to write to British Gas. If this is the case then you can do so at the address provided below. You can also contact British Gas on social media, and their profiles for the same can also be found below. Other information can be found freely within the public domain.

British Gas Addresses

Mountleigh Close,
West Yorkshire,
BD4 6SP.

British Gas Business,
PO Box 7687,
LE19 1ZT.

British Gas
PO Box 227
S98 1PD.

British Gas Social Media

FacebookTwitter, Twitter (customer service), YouTube.

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