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Just like any company, it is possible for energy companies to make mistakes or provide services that do not live up to specific standards. When you are an E.ON customer, there might come a time that you feel you have a legitimate complaint. Knowing what qualifies as a complaint and how to communicate your complaint is key.

The following information is vital for those looking for information on how to file a complaint with E.ON:

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What is a Complaint?

It is important to understand what meets the qualifications of a legitimate complaint. Before you begin the process of communicating your complaint to E.ON, you need to know that your complaint is valid. Basically, a complaint can come from any type of contact you have with E.ON that you are not satisfied with. This does include all current customers and even potential customers. However, complaints have to be from dissatisfaction with direct contact. Mass complaint sin regards to overall customer service are not warranted. All complaints must be specific and come from current or potential customers that have had any type of contact with E.ON and were unsatisfied as a result.

If you are looking for more information regarding the amount and type of E.ON complaints, you can access compliant figures reports online. These give a more detailed overview of the complaints that are filed with E.ON.

How Do You Contact E.ON with a Complaint?

Complaints are necessary to correct issues with the services being provided by E.ON. If you have a complaint, it is possible to communicate your concern and let your opinion be known. In most cases, E.ON will take steps to rectify that complaint and make it right. The only way to get action is to make the complaint through the correct channel. The type of complaint that you are looking to issue will determine the type of communication that you choose.

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Here are the different ways you can issue varying complaints with E.ON:

  • All general complaints can be made by calling 0333 202 4606. This is the way to issue any type of complaint with E.ON and will ensure that your issue is corrected in some way.
  • If you are dealing with a complaint that involves your smart meter account, it is possible to contact E.ON with your complaint by calling 0345 366 5973. This will speed up the process of issuing your smart meter account complaint.
  • Those dealing with dissatisfaction stemming from their experience when moving, can issue a home complaint with E.ON by calling 0345 303 3020.
  • All prepayment customers of E.ON with complaints can call 0345 303 3040.

It is also possible to communicate any complaint by emailing or writing to:

Customer Service Centre
E.ON, PO Box 7750
Nottingham NG1 6WR

How is Your Complaint Resolved?

The first step is issuing your complaint with E.ON, but from there action is taken to rectify the situation in the shortest amount of time possible. If the complaint is not corrected right away, you will be connected with the Resolution Team that is designed to correct all issues regarding the services provided by E.ON.

What Does the Resolution Include?

The resolution to your compliant varies depending in the type of complaint that was issued. In some instances, steps are taken to correct the mistake, but in other cases an apology is issued. Sometimes and more detailed explanation or compensation are also ways in which E.ON complaints are resolved. Most complaints are resolved within 2 days, but there are certain complaints that take more time to resolve. Almost all complaints with E.ON should be rectified within a 3 week time period, but you will be informed in advance if your compliant will take longer to resolve.

What if You’re Not Satisfied with the Resolution?

In some instances, E.ON customers are still not satisfied with the resolution to their complaint. When this happens, an internal review of the case will be performed. This will entail taking a closer look at how the complaint was resolved and how it was handled completely. You will be informed of the findings of the internal review and the explanation behind the resolution that was chosen. If any other action will be taken after the review has been completed, you will be notified. All internal reviews should be completed within two business days.

Citizens Advice Consumer Service

If you are looking to become more informed about your rights, it is possible to obtain more information by calling the Citizens Advice helpline at 0345 404 0506. You can also find helpful advice online at www.citizensadvice.org.uk/energy. This information should help you to better understand your rights and to know when it is acceptable to issue a complaint with E.ON. At any time during the complaint process, you can receive advice or help from the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline.

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