British Gas HomeEnergy Fixed Sep 2018 (Fixed) Guide

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Our energy providers are known for a great many things, but how often are they known for lowering the cost of our energy tariffs?

With the price of gas and oil falling to the lowest levels we’ve seen in decades, there’s been an incredible amount of pressure on energy companies to lower their prices in line with their current expenditure. Whilst progress on that front has been slow, it would appear that British Gas have now launched an energy plan that makes sense for everyone.

British Gas HomeEnergy Fixed Sep 2018

It’s called the HomeEnergy Rewards Jun 2018 (Fixed), and though it doesn’t have the catchiest name in town, it’s an excellent offer for customers. But what does it offer?

A guaranteed price reduction

British Gas guaranteed that the cost of their gas for customers would reduce by a significant 5.1% from the 16th of March, 2016. They held true to their promise and those that signed up to the tariff saw the monthly cost of their gas bills drop significantly.

Fixed prices until the 30th of June, 2017

In addition to the lowered gas pricing, British Gas have confirmed that the cost of gas on their tariff will be fixed until the 30th of June 2017, making it a compelling option for those of us that enjoy the comfort of a fixed rate tariff.

Contact British Gas on 0843 770 5045 or 0800 048 0202.

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No exit fees

Perhaps the best thing about buying utilities in 2016 is the ability to easily switch providers if you feel you’re paying over the odds or are unhappy with your service. However, some energy companies make it a policy that you have to pay a cancellation fee in order to move to another company.

This kind of anti-customer tactic has caused no end of upset, but with British Gas, there’s no such charge. If you want to leave the company at the end of your fixed price term (or even in the middle!) you can, completely free of charge. You’re also free to move to another tariff with British Gas, should another plan catch your eye.

A free £50 Amazon UK gift card

Everyone loves free things, so British Gas’ offer of a free £50 gift card for is certainly an enticing one. Spend it on food, clothing, gadgets or gifts, the choice is yours! But remember, the free £50 gift card is only available on this tariff.

£15 Dual Fuel discount

If you sign up for a Dual Fuel tariff like this, you get an automatic £15 reduction in your fuel bill a year. Every little helps, they say, and nobody can complain about saving £15 a year on their fuel bill.

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