What you can do about energy costs right now

By Energy Company Numbers on March 1, 2015 in Help and advice

Savings on energy bills can be made by switching to a new supplier, ditching your old tariff or securing yourself a better deal. The savings can be huge, especially if you have never switched before, and it is really simple to source a cheaper supplier. Let’s go through your options:

In the first instance decide what type of supplier/deal you are looking for. There is currently lots of choice out there, whether it’s a long-term fix, variable rate, or, your interest may lay in suppliers who have green credentials. Secondly, do some research, arm yourself with as much information as possible.

The “Big Six” energy suppliers, must be feeling some pain as they have launched a fight back against their smaller rivals by launching new deals. That said small suppliers still take first to fifth position in the uSwitch best buy league, according to the Telegraph. However, and according to The Guardian, even though wholesale prices have fallen only British Gas has followed suit, and that is only because the government slashed environmental regulation.

It’s all so confusing. Two major newspapers with conflicting advice. So what can you do about energy costs right now in the midst of all the confusion? Make up your own mind; there are plenty of sites that have comparison tools on them. uSwitch display a table of cheapest gas and electricity tariffs that are currently on the market. They state that you can compare the market and save up to £383,

Another way to cheapen your gas and electricity bills is to use less. For example did you know that by covering all of the floors in your house with carpets or rugs, you will not only add to comfort, but also heat retention, especially if you live in an older house. Set your thermostat to 68-70 degrees in the winter during the day and 65-68 at night (if you must have it on at night), this will keep your home comfortable and save on heating bills. To keep warm air in, close the flue in your fireplace and install glass doors. A really cheap way to help heat your house is to use solar power (energy from the sun), jus by leaving the windows unshaded or blinds open during daytime hours. Lower the temperature when you leave the house. Replace all of your light bulbs with energy efficient ones, they may look ugly, but are built to last longer and cost less. For all your outdoor lighting use motion-detector lights, the savings will be impressive, they are convenient and efficient. Consider using timers to turn lights on and off, great if you have teenagers who are guilty of never switching a light off.

Household energy use accounts for more than a quarter of all energy used in the UK, but the typical household wastes around a third of the energy each year. Imagine if your bill is £1,000 for the year, (on the low side, but easy to work out), three hundred pounds of that you can put down to wastage. So be energy savvy and happy hunting.

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