Tips and tricks to saving on energy costs: Part 1

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There are a million ways to save on energy usage within your own home.  While you may already be taking advantage of some of the ways to reduce your energy cost, there may be ones that you are unaware of.  That being said, below is an extensive list of ways that you can reduce your energy costs.  From simple fixes to week/month long projects, these are all ways that may work with your current situation.

In addition they are split in 5 broad categories including appliances, lighting, insulation, heating, and competition.

  1. Appliances

A major source of electrical use in the home is appliance.  By switching up how we approach and use these appliances, we can save ourselves up to a hundred Pounds per year in reduced energy bills.  From buying new appliances to changing our habits regarding the appliances we already have, saving are relatively easy to come by if you know what to do and what to look for.

Buy New Energy Efficient Appliances

Whether you are looking for something better or are replacing an expired appliance, buying with energy efficiency in mind is a great way to save on yearly energy bills.  In fact, the past decade has seen an incredible release of energy efficient models for everything ranging from toasters, fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.  As a result, these more energy efficient appliances help pay for themselves through reduced energy costs.

Unplug Electronics/Appliances When Not Using Them

A large number of appliances and electronics will use electricity even when turned off.  In addition, many chargers will use electricity if plugged in, even if the other end is not connected to a device.  Other larger electronics, like a computer can benefit from being turned off as well.  Even computers in hibernation or sleep may still be using power.  By turning off appliances and unplugging them, you ensure that no power is being wasted.

Increase Fridge and Freezer Temperature

By changing the setting on your fridge and freezer, you can save a great deal of energy.  You can usually get away with increasing the fridge and freezer temperature by a few degrees.  Each degree that the fridge has to use to cool will represent a greater amount of energy used.  While you are changing the temperature, clean around the back of the fridge as well, and remove anything that does not need to be in there.

  1. Lighting

With wide circulation of energy efficient light bulbs, it as never been easier to buy and save by simply replacing a bulb.  In addition, there is a greater selection of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for nearly every situation.  With that being said, lets look at these new energy efficient bulbs, as well as to get more out of the light bulbs you currently have.

New Energy Efficient Bulbs

New energy efficient bulbs and fluorescent tubes use dramatically less power then the standard model light bulb.  Using a tiny amount of mercury and improvements in technology, these light bulbs are usually more durable, last longer, and are of course, more efficient.  Though light bulbs will use very little power when on, the power usage becomes noticeable because of the number of lights we will have on in the average home, as well as the time we leave them on.  On average, a single bulb is used upwards of 3 hours in a standard British household.  So, by switching the bulb with a variety that is more efficient, you can save every moment the light is on.

Buying In Bulk

When switching to energy efficient bulbs, consider buying the bulbs in bulk.  As you will be gradually replacing older light bulbs as they die out, having a supply of bulbs on hand will make the process easier.  In addition, you can save on unit price by buying all at once.

Motion Activated Lights For Outdoors

if you have outdoor lighting, then consider making it motion activated.  This way, the light, which is usually a higher wattage then normal, is only being used when you need it.

Turn off Lights When Not In The Room

One of the most popular and effective ways to save on household energy costs is to focus on changing your habits.  By getting yourself and your family to turn off lights when you are not using them, you can really save every year.  The greatest cost difference comes from turning off all light during the night when asleep.  Though simple, it is amazing cost effective.

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