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Balancing a budget can be a challenge for a number of families.  Every day brings a number of expenses that have to be planned and calculated for.  Sometimes, families struggle to meet all of their needs.  When this happens, people begin looking for a way to cut their basic costs to save money.  Regardless of your current economic status, this can be a great way to save big on a number of different expenses.  In fact, by simply changing your behavior and minor parts of your routine, you can leave every month with less in charges.

One place where this awareness really pays off is in reducing home energy usage.  Surprisingly enough, you can see noticeable changes in your bill by implementing several changes to your behavior.  Rather then having to spend money to increase your energy efficiency, you instead eliminate excess waste.  Lets review some of the ways you can save energy without spending an additional pence.

Switching Off

Many people have had luck reducing their UK energy bill by switching off unused appliances and electronics.  By doing this, you cut off the steady stream of electricity that are running to these things.  While it may be only a small amount of electricity, it can add up over time and results in nothing more then waste.  So, consider switching off anything that you are not using and that has a lighted display.  The newer your appliances, the greater the chance you can save big through this step.


By simply having something plugged in, you are using power.  Take a laptop charger for example.  If the charger is connected to the outlet and your laptop, then it will use power convert that power for your laptop, and charge your laptop.  Now, if the charger is in the wall and your laptop is not plugged in, then the same thing will happen and electricity will still be used.  The same goes for anything you plug in.  If you are really interested in saving every possible amount of power, then un-plug anything you are not using.

Cloths Drying

You can save money by drying your cloths outside if you have the room and the season is right.  This helps reduce the amount of money spent on electricity going to the dryer.  By avoiding the dryer entirely, you can cut out one of the more electrically intense appliances in your home.  In addition, consider unplugging it if you are not currently using it to reduce the amount of electricity you are wasting.  As a final note, do not try to warm them on the radiator, as this will only increase the amount of energy the radiator has to use in order to heat the room to its desired temperature.

Clean Your Vacuum

Did you know that you can save on your electrical bill by cleaning your vacuum regularly?  A vacuum consumes a great deal of energy when cleaning floors.  If there is anything in the vacuum already, then the vacuum has to work even hard to effectively clean.  In addition, you will have to spend more time with he vacuum on in order to clean the same area if it is not fully clean.  So, save yourself some electricity, clean your vacuum regularly, and notice the change on your electrical bill.

The Fridge

A refrigerator is a necessary appliance that consumes a great deal of electricity.  There are two ways that you can save a great deal of money by reducing the electricity your refrigerator uses.  The first is to set the temperature in the fridge and freezer to something a little warmer then it may be.  For example, a fridge at 3 to 5 degrees C can reduce the amount of energy your refrigerator is using to keep things cool.  In addition, consider keeping your freezer at -18 degrees C, as this is usually warmer then most standard settings which will save you money and still keep your food frozen.  The second thing you can do is to clean the back of your fridge regularly, focusing manly on the vents.  By making sure the vents are unobstructed and by removing everything from the fridge and freezer that doesn’t need to be in there, you reduce the amount of energy this appliance will use throughout the day.


The most favored method for saving electricity, turning off lights can bring about huge changes in your electrical bill.  In order to see results, get yourself and your family into the habit of always turning off lights when they are not being used.  In addition, replace any older bulbs you have with more energy efficient varieties.  While they may represent a greater initial buy in, they will end up saving you over the course of their life.

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