How to Trigger an E.ON Disconnection

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When you’re in the throes of planning a house demolition or moving your home to a different fuel type, there are countless things to consider. There’s builders to arrange, planning to secure, neighbours to notify and hundreds of other little jobs that need to be completed before you can crack on with your plans.

If you’re an E.ON customer who’s looking to secure a disconnection of your line, you’ve probably spent far too long searching for the best way to alert E.ON to your plans. It’s a frustration to countless people, but in this guide, we’ll share with you everything you need to know. Let’s take a look.

What should I do if I’m demolishing my property?

If you’re planning on demolishing your property and will no longer need a gas connection, you need to contact E.ON as quickly as possible via the E.ON contact telephone number. In turn, they will speak to your local distribution company, who will then send you a quotation regarding the cost of your disconnection.

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Disconnection times will vary depending on the time of year and how many have been requested in your area. However, at the time of writing the National Grid are warning of a 6 to 8 week period from the payment and acceptance date, so do plan ahead with your disconnection.

How long does a disconnection take to complete?

Once your disconnection team arrive at the property, the amount of time it takes them to get the job completed can vary substantially. From the time work begins it can be over 3 weeks for the job to be completed and tidied up (holes filled in, any resurfacing work, et cetera).

Does my meter also need removing?

Yes, your meter also needs to be removed. E.ON will arrange for a meter operator to visit the site and remove the meter following your contact. This work will be carried our within 10 working days, on average.

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Can I have my service altered instead?

If you don’t want the land to be completely disconnected (because you’re building a new home on it), you can have the services leading to your property moved to a new position. This will still cost you money and take just as much time as a disconnection. Contact your local distribution company for this service to be completed. Alternatively, you can contact E.ON, who will point you in the right direction.

I’m not sure I need complete disconnection, can E.ON just pause my power supply?

Absolutely, they can. If you just want the power flow to your home switching off during a renovation, you can have E.ON arrange for your meter to be de-energised. This means that you won’t be able to use any electricity at the property, and your main fuse will be removed by the main meter operator.

For this service, E.ON charge £64.76, which also covers the return of the fuse and fitting it again. They require 10 working days to book the visit.

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