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The services provided by E. ON are accessible to those with special needs. This includes those that are disabled, chronically sick, blind or deaf. These special services are specifically designed to cater to those with special needs. In order to get special services, you need to take advantage of Priority Service Register.

Contact E.ON

EON contact numbers

If you have landed on this article and you wish to contact E.ON, use this contact number to get in touch with their customer service team:

0843 770 5036

What is EON Priority Service Register?

This is a plan offered to people that require extra assistance and it is entirely free. This means that special services are provided to those in need without any additional cost. There are a variety of special services that come attached with the Priority Services Register.

Here are the special services that are offered for free:

  • Cold callers will no longer be a concern with password protection that helps keep this annoyance to a minimum.
  • If you are blind or have sight impairments, bills can be provided in Braille or large print.
  • It is possible to reach E. ON easily with text phone services for instant contact and assistance.
  • More accurate bills can be attained through quarterly meter reading services.
  • If there is any interruption in your energy supply services, you can expect priority reconnection due to your special needs.
  • Not only is priority connection possible, but an alternative energy supply will be hooked up in case of interruption.

If you are looking for more information regarding the Priority Services Register, it is recommended that you call the Caring Energy Support Team any weekday from 8am-6pm at 0800-051-1480.

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How Do You Keep in Touch?

Those that are deaf or suffering from hearing loss can email at [email protected]. It is also possible for special needs customers to take advantage of bill redirection. Bill redirection involves choosing a friend, family member or relative to receive all bills or communication from energy supplier. If you want to turn your account over to an individual that you can count on, all you have to do is send us the letter accessible online.

Simply print out the online letter and send it to the address:


PO BOX 775

Nottingham NG1 6WR

Do You have Security Concerns?

Security is a major concern when dealing with an energy supplier like E. ON. If any technicians are going to be sent to your home, you can expect to be contacted in advance. They will never show up at your home without notice. It is always recommended that you ask anyone looking to enter your home for proper identification. You are urged to take precaution and make sure that any technicians that enter your home are equipped with identity cards.

What is an Identity Card?

When you are looking to verify that a technician is qualified and should be trusted, you need to ask for an identity card. An identity card will include a photograph, id number and card expiration date. If you are not sure that the identity card you are shown is authentic, it is suggested that you call support services to verify.

Password Program

Another security measure beyond identity cards that you can use is known as a password scheme. This personal password is created by you and given each time that a technician arrives at your home. It is possible to alter the password at any time using your online account. This simply gives you added security and protection.

Special Equipment

Those with special needs often require special adapters and controls. This equipment is designed to help those that have difficulty using traditional electrical equipment. The best part is that this special equipment is free for those in need.

Those dealing with hearing or vision impairments can use special controls equipped with:

  • Raised dots to signify control settings.
  • Controls that are in Braille.
  • Time settings for controls.
  • Flashing light on doorbell to signal visitor.

How to Pay for Your Bill

No matter what the issue is, making bill payments simpler is a priority. When you have any concerns or issues, you need to communicate directly with the energy supplier. If you expect to have difficult paying your bill, you need to be proactive and communicate this concern as soon as possible. The qualified support team members will assist you with the bill payment process and give you all available payment options. With different payment options available, you should be able to find a solution that meets your needs.

Set Up a Free Online Account

Setting up an online account is the easiest way to manage your account. Through your online account, it is possible to send meter readings, make bill payments, conserve energy and do so much more. Registering for an online account is free and easy for all customers. It is also the best way to manage every aspect of your account. You can get immediate access to the information you need online.

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