British Gas ground source heat pumps – the benefits

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Ground source heat pumps are a clever way to generate heat and hot water for your business, and the way they work is simple: ground source heat pumps harness the heat energy the sun produces by absorbing this heat through a network of special pipes in the ground. A mixture of water and antifreeze is circulated through these pipes, and this liquid absorbs the heat in the ground and brings it back into the building to be used.

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This is an increasingly popular way for businesses to generate heat and hot water, and it is also being used for residential applications. British Gas is one of only a handful of energy suppliers in the UK that can install and maintain your ground source heat pumps for you. Furthermore, if you choose British Gas, all work will be covered through a warranty. Applications include:

  • New and purpose-built buildings;
  • Older and period properties with lots of land;
  • Government and local council offices;
  • Letting agencies;
  • Plus much more.

To figure out whether or not ground source heat pumps are right for you, it’s important to look at the benefits such a system can provide. Obviously, the initial downsides to ground source heat pumps are that work to build a pipe network can disrupt your business and some systems, such as horizontal pipe systems, require a lot of land to work effectively. However, the benefits of ground source heat pumps greatly outweigh and downsides.

The benefits of ground source heat pumps

  1. Ground source heat pumps reduce a business’s reliance on the grid;
  2. Ground source heat pumps are a sustainable and renewable energy source;
  3. These systems are low maintenance, and can be upgraded quite easily;
  4. The energy generated can be used to heat or cool a building;
  5. Cheaper than having a new gas main installed (most applications);
  6. Your business may be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

How British Gas comes into play

British Gas can install ground source heat pump systems for you in a cost-effective way, and with the benefit of a warranty. Furthermore, British Gas can maintain, repair and upgrade your ground source heat pumps over time to ensure that your building continues to harness as much energy as possible.

To get started, call British Gas on free phone 0800 316 5164 or use our British Gas customer phone number to find out more.

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