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  • Energy saving and your home

    Decreasing your monthly energy bill is a great way to save money.  In addition, there are a number of different ways that you can save money.  Tips like unplugging unused electronics, cleaning your vacuum more regularly, and turning down the temperature when you are not in the home are excellent ways to shave off some of that bill. However, when

  • Price comes first with First Utility

    When UK consumers are shopping around for the best electricity rates, they often think that they are limited to the big six – but there are other options. Often, alternative providers will give better tariffs, so it is worthwhile checking before you switch. One company that is worth considering is First Utility. Founded back in 2008, they are the largest

  • Blue Chip Energy with EDF

    With energy prices going up all the time, many consumers are wondering what they can do to limit the impact of future rises. One strategy is to reduce energy consumption – which has major environmental benefits as well. However, while this will lower overall energy bills, it still won’t eliminate the shock of a sudden price hike. Is there any

  • How efficient appliances can save you on your monthly energy bill

    By Energy Company Numbers on April 22, 2015 in Help and advice

    If you are interested in saving money, then there are a lot of options open to you.  However, if you own a home, then the best way you can save on monthly energy bills is to slowly replace your appliances with more energy efficient models.  The more energy efficient your electronics are, the more you will save.  These electronics can

  • 2 million people have switched from the ‘big six’

    By Energy Company Numbers on April 17, 2015 in Help and advice

    Since June 2013, 2 million people have switched from the ‘big six’ energy suppliers, with npower hit particularly hard, losing 62,000 customers, according to uswitch. This loss of customers has stemmed from growing customer complaints, criticising the big six for a lack of competitive pricing or good customer service. This news comes as energy suppliers are under increasing pressure to

  • How to switch to EDF Energy?

    By Energy Company Numbers on April 15, 2015 in edf, Help and advice

    EDF Energy is one of the big six energy suppliers in the UK. The company has grown considerably in the last 10 years and commands a large percentage of the energy market, with approximately 5.5 million domestic and business customers in the UK. EDF has a wide range of competitive energy tariffs for domestic and business customers. If you would like

  • Eco Friendly Power Generation Explained

    By Energy Company Numbers on April 14, 2015 in Help and advice

    Over the years we’ve heard the phrase ‘eco-friendly’ used to describe almost everything in our lives. From our food to our shoes, those words have become part of the popular lexicon for millions of people around the world. When it comes to energy, however, things get a little more complicated. Most of us have a vague understanding of what eco-friendly

  • 100 billion barrels of oil discovered near Gatwick Airport

    By Energy Company Numbers on April 10, 2015 in Help and advice

    This week a very significant discovery has been made near Gatwick Airport; 100 billion barrels of oil, enough to satisfy 10-30 percent of the energy needs of the United Kingdom for years. Exploration firm UK Oil and Gas Investments (UKOG) says that some of the oil found in south of England can be recovered and used for the benefit of the

  • How electricity is regulated in the UK by Ofgem

    As any homeowner can attest, reviewing an electricity bill can be a challenge.  With prices increasing all the time, some residents wonder if there is any regulation at all going on in the energy industry. In the United Kingdom, there is in fact a government institution responsible for regulating the gas and electric industry in the UK.  Let’s take a

  • First Utility’s price promise: Should you contact First Utility?

    By Energy Company Numbers on April 8, 2015 in first utility

    If you’re familiar with the energy market, you’ll know who the Big Six are: British Gas, EDF, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power and SSE. Many people are actually surprised to learn that First Utility is not one of the Big Six, which is testament to First Utility’s brand strength and their position in the energy market. First Utility is, in fact,

  • SWALEC company information and facts

    Today, we know Swale, or SWALEC, as an SSE brand, and one of the largest providers of clean energy within Wales and the wider United Kingdom, but that’s not where the brand begun. Known as SWALEB (South Wales Electricity Board), it was at one time a publicly owned Electricity Supply and Distribution Company formed from the merger of local authority

  • All about Scottish Power

    Scottish Power are a company with a fascinating history. Beginning in 1901 as Clyde Valley Electrical Power (one of the earliest electric companies in the UK), they employed John Logie Baird in their infancy, who would later go on to invest the television. Throughout the years of publicly owned Scottish energy, the company supplied energy to hundreds of thousands of

  • SSE Airtricity company information and facts

    SSE Airtricity are Northern Ireland’s biggest energy provider, supplying both natural gas and ‘greener’ electricity to over 300,000 homes and businesses. They’re part of the SSE group and are owned by SSE plc, one of the biggest names in the UK’s electricity and gas production and have an interest in production, distribution, supply and services. Since its launch in 1997,

  • Contact numbers for energy suppliers

    By Energy Company Numbers on March 23, 2015 in Help and advice

    We need energy. Specifically, we need electricity and gas. And unless one owns a super-eco home, that means we need an energy supplier. There are currently around 20 energy suppliers in the UK. Six of those, the big six, control the majority of the market. The next biggest energy supplier outside of these is First Utility. The other energy suppliers

  • Some tips and tricks to saving on energy costs: Part 2

    By Energy Company Numbers on March 22, 2015 in Help and advice

    There are a million ways to save on energy usage within your own home.  While you may already be taking advantage of some of the ways to reduce your energy cost, there may be ones that you are unaware of.  That being said, below is an extensive list of ways that you can reduce your energy costs.  From simple fixes

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