• EDF – How to Complain

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 10, 2022
    EDF are a French-owned energy company with over 5.7 million customers in the UK. That makes them a member of the so-called ‘Big Six’ major players in the UK energy market. It was formed in 2002 following the acquisition and mergers of SEEBOARD Plc, London Electricity Plc, SWED Energy Plc and two coal-fired power stations and one combined cycle gas turbine power station. So, with 5.7 […]
  • How to make a complaint with EDF Energy

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 24, 2019
    Making a complaint with EDF Energy is straight-forward. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined below. EDF Energy tries its best to ensure that all customer complaints are handled swiftly and efficiently with a positive outcome for the customer. You can make a complaint with EDF about your account, a recent bill, the quality of the service […]
  • Is there a special tariff for EDF customers who are on benefits?

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 12, 2019
    If you are on benefits, such as income support, then you may be looking for information about whether or not EDF Energy offers a special tariff for customers on benefits. If you are on benefits, be that Income Support or Child Allowance, it is worth contacting EDF to discuss your needs. Unfortunately, we have some bad news, because EDF Energy do not […]
  • EDF Meter Readings – Payment Options – Moving Home

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 7, 2018
    How to Give your EDF Meter Reading If you’re an EDF electricity of gas customer who doesn’t have a smart meter, you’ll be asked periodically to provide a meter reading, so EDF know how much to charge you. To make a meter reading, simply follow these steps and contact EDF: Find your gas and/or electricity meter and take down the […]
  • EDF Priority Services Register – Helpful Information

    By Energy Company Numbers on October 19, 2017
    As part of its commitment to ensuring the fair treatment of all its customers, EDF Energy offers a range of Priority Services, designed to provide customers with any help and support they need regarding their energy supply. So what are these Priority Services, and how can EDF customers access them? Who can access Priority Services? Priority Services can be accessed […]
  • EDF Warm Home Discount Guide

    By Energy Company Numbers on January 21, 2017
    EDF customers can call 0843 770 5028 to speak to an EDF expert about the cold weather payment and Warm Home Discount. The EDF Warm Home Discount Scheme is now open to new applications in 2017. To apply for the EDF Warm Home Discount, visit this page. What is a Warm Home Discount? A Warm Home Discount is a special promotion […]
  • EDF Fuel Mix – How EDF Generates its Energy

    By Energy Company Numbers on January 3, 2017
    In the United Kingdom, energy suppliers / utility companies are required by law to publish details of the fuel sources that they use to generate electricity. In our previous article, we looked into the fuel mix of British Gas with some surprising results (take a look at the linked article to see for yourself). This week, we will be taking […]
  • Prepayment, pay as you go and top up energy supplier guide

    By Energy Company Numbers on June 1, 2016
    Prepayment, pay as you go and top up energy tariffs are more popular than ever before, because they gift the consumer with more control over their energy. They are also now available as gas or electricity only or as dual fuel from some suppliers, and they can be topped up at any PayPoint, Payzone outlet or Post Office. If you are […]
  • EDF Customer Service Performance 2015

    By Energy Company Numbers on November 10, 2015
    EDF Energy is a subsidiary of the French state-owned EDF Group (Electricité de France), and is one of Europe’s largest energy suppliers. EDF supplies energy to about five and a half million customers in Britain. It generates roughly a fifth of the UK’s electricity. How does EDF score with customers in its customer service provision? Here we look at two […]
  • EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff information

    By Energy Company Numbers on August 10, 2015
    EDF offers different price tariffs to customers based on their varying needs. The EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff is a new option for many customers and it comes with its own fixed charges and conditions that must be followed. Here is a brief overview of the EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff: Related: Is there a special tariff available for EDF customers who are […]

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