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EDF to bring in technology to reduce nitrogen emissions at a coal powered plant in Krakow Poland.

Fortum to supply combustion technology of two boilers will be used to reduce Nitrogen emissions at a coal-powered plant owned by EDF. The time line for this to take place is between 2016-2017.

Vice President, Power Solutions, at Fortum, states that: “Our solution will help our customer clearly achieve the European Union’s Industrial Emissions Directive’s (IED) emission limits for nitrogen oxides with these two boilers. The delivery is a continuation of EDF’s combustion technology renewal project in Krakow for which we have provided expert services and technology for the past two years,” Heikki Andersson, who as stated above is the Vice President.

The decreased emissions will also mean better air quality for Krakow city residents. In this time of uncertainty regarding global warming its good news for local citizens but also has far reaching benefits. Fortnums are trying to create energy that improves life for present and future generations. They explain that their expertise is in CO2-free and efficient electricity and heat production…

The company also offers energy-related products and expert services to private and industrial customers and energy producers. Operating in the main to Nordic and Baltic countries.

Construction of new Chinese nuclear build at Bradwell could begin by 2022.

A leading figure at energy giants EDF claimed construction of Chinese-designed nuclear technology could be a reality in Essex sooner than expected and could begin in 2022, according to ESSEXCHRONICLE.

It has been reported that the State-owned China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) agreed a deal in October to take a majority share in a new build at Bradwell-on-Sea, in exchange for £6 billion of funding for another plant at Hinckley Point in Somerset.

EDF will retain a stake in any new build at Bradwell, they have claimed that they will help CGN obtain approval for the reactor design, before the Chinese group apply for planning permission.

Not all is rosy however, with Harwich and North Essex MP Bernard Jenkins expressing concerns over a new power station at Bradwell, highlighting the possible adverse impact on marine life and ecology.

The 56 year old MP who has represented the constituency since 1992 said: “My views on the possibility of a new build at Bradwell have not changed; there should be no new nuclear plant at Bradwell, unless the concerns about damage to the estuary and storage of nuclear waste on site can both be unequivocally resolved.

He further states that “There seems no way that a new nuclear power station would avoid significant damage to the marine environment in the estuary. When the Magnox station was decommissioned, there was explosive recovery in the marine environed”

“I have been informed that a new power station would take six times more flow of water than its predecessor.”

For the full article please follow the Bernard Jenkins link. This is an ongoing debate. The UK has 16 reactors generating about 18% of our electricity. Most of these are to be retired by 2023. In the late 1990’s, nuclear power plants contributed around 25% of total annual electricity generation in the UK, there has been a gradual decline as old plants have been shut down.

EDF energy spends about £600 million per year on upgrades to eight plants (15) reactors in all to enable ongoing operations, this investment is supported by the new capacity market operating form 2014, information courtesy of world nuclear.

For more information on this fascinating subject follow the above link for up to date data on the nuclear debate.

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