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Prepayment meters allow you to pay for your energy before you use it, by adding more credit to your meter as required. This can be an effective way to manage your energy usage more efficiently and avoid large bills.

Co-op Energy aims to make the prepayment process as simple as possible for customers. Here we break down the process step by step for those who are new to prepayment meters.

How to use a prepayment meter for the first time

If you have just had a prepayment meter installed, or switched energy suppliers, you won’t be able to top up your credit until you have activated the key or card that has been sent to you by Co-op Energy. This can easily be done by inserting your key or card into your meter.

It is important not to use an old card or key, such as one left behind by the previous occupants of your property if you have just moved house. This will not contain the right details, and using it could actually result in you paying a higher price for your energy.

You shouldn’t insert a new key/ card until you have used up any existing credit on your meter. If you activate a new key/ card while there is still credit on the meter, that credit will be lost.

If you’re satisfied that you have a new key/ card and there is no unused credit on your meter, you can insert your key/ card to activate it so you are able to purchase more energy.

Topping up your energy credit

The maximum amounts of credit your meter can accept are:

  • Gas – £249
  • Electricity – £255

However, the most you can purchase in one transaction is £49 of gas and £49 of electricity.

Top-up with Co-op Energy by calling the Co-op Energy contact number 0800 954 0693.

Co-op Energy keys and cards can be topped up at various outlets nationwide including Co-operative food stores, Post Offices, and Paypoint or Payzone providers.

Please make sure you only use the key or card supplied to you by Co-op Energy, as this contains the right settings for your meter. In addition, this is the only way to ensure your payments will reach Co-op Energy so they can continue to supply you with gas and electricity.

How to add credit to a Co-op Energy meter

Gas and electricity meters require slightly different processes from each other to accept the credit you have purchased.

  • Gas: once you have topped up your gas card, insert it into your meter. Press the red button to transfer your credit and continue your gas supply.
  • Electricity: insert your topped-up electricity key into your meter. Wait for five seconds and your credit will automatically be transferred from the key to the meter.

Gas and electricity will then be supplied to your home until your credit runs out – you should remember to top up again before this happens.

To switch to a Co-op Energy prepayment meter or for further information, please call 0800 954 0693.

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