Start using less energy now to get your account in credit

By Energy Company Numbers on April 13, 2016 in Help and advice

As the summer draws closer home-owners will find themselves using less and less energy.

It is between April and September that home-owners can get their energy account in credit with their supplier. By using far less energy than you pay for, you can create for yourself a nice little allowance to go towards your gas and electricity bills next winter.

There will be less need to boot up the central heating system and you will likely spend more time outdoors, rather than indoors watching television. The longer nights also mean there’s a lesser need to turn your lights on. You may also eat out more, or barbeque rather than cook indoors.

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The average home-owner can rack up a staggering £150 in credit simply by leaving the lights off during the daytime and by not booting up their central heating system.

We were recently contacted by a home-owner who had their account in £500 of credit – enough for them to pay nothing during the next winter. And we were recently contacted by another home-owner who managed to slash their winter energy bill in half simply by getting out more and not using the computer or television during the day during the summer months.

If an account in credit sounds like something you would like, the advice from us is simple – start saving energy now and reap the benefits. At the very minimum, you can expect £50 towards your winter fuel bills simply by using a little less energy than you normally do every day.

You also have the option to ask for a refund from your energy supplier if your account is in credit. So rather than using your credit as an allowance, you can request it be refunded to you and spend it as you wish. You could put that money towards a holiday, or towards the New Year.

Our top tips for saving energy are – Switch to LED light bulbs throughout your home so even when you turn them on they sip energy; invest in a cheap barbecue and cook outside more rather than cook indoors; go for walks instead of staying inside and watching television; and shower instead of having a bath. By utilising these simple tips, you could save £150 over the course of the summer and get your account in credit. It really is as easy as that, so what are you waiting for?

Make these little lifestyle changes today to reap the benefits next winter.

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