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  • SSE Eco Credentials

    SSE are one of the biggest energy companies in the UK with over 8.5 million people taking gas and electricity from the company every day. Formed from the merger of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board and the Southern Electric Board in 1998, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) quickly began expanding operations with a number of acquisitions. In 2010, it

  • Yorkshire Water company history and facts

    By Energy Company Numbers on March 30, 2017 in Help and advice

    Clean water is, without a doubt, the backbone of a functional civilisation. We can do without heating or electricity for a number of days, but if the water stopped for 24 hours, then anarchy would break out across the country. As such, the ten regional water companies in the UK, Yorkshire Water have a huge responsibility to ensure that not

  • ScottishPower Meter Readings and Bill Payment Options

    ScottishPower Meter Readings – Payment Options – Moving Home ScottishPower was founded in 1990 in preparation of the privatisation of the-then state owned Scottish electricity industry. Formed from the merger of the South of Scotland Electricity Board and the North of Scotland Hydro Board, ScottishPower later acquired MANWEB in 1995 before diversifying into the water supply business with the purchase

  • EON for Businesses

    By Energy Company Numbers on March 22, 2017 in eon, Help and advice

    With over 33 million customers around Europe, and over 5 million customers in the UK, plus many more business customers, EON are one of the biggest energy suppliers in the nation. Formed as Powergen in 1989 as a PLC wholly owned by the UK government, the company was sold to investors in 1991, expanding considerably by acquiring the East Midlands

  • Airtricity: A greener Alternative? UPDATED

    By Energy Company Numbers on March 18, 2017 in Help and advice

    Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle, famed for its lush green countryside. In fact, the name goes all the way back to William Drennan, the 18th-century Irish poet who was the first one to refer to Ireland as the Emerald Isle in his poem ‘When Erin First Rose’. Now, Ireland is set to lay claim to the Emerald title

  • SSE Latest News, February 2017

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 27, 2017 in Help and advice

    One of the big six energy suppliers in the UK, SSE are home to countless customers up and down the country. Formally known as Scottish Hydro and SSE Hydro before they were rebranded simply as SSE, the company remain one of the leaders in UK energy. Unfortunately, for all their success, they don’t report particularly well on their own business.

  • Co-op Energy Latest News, February 2017

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 23, 2017 in Help and advice

    Co-op energy are one of the most trusted energy companies in the UK, thanks to their promise to never take profits for themselves, and to instead put them into valuable community projects or improving their service. As such, a great many people have moved to Co-op over the last few years. Whilst that’s certainly a good thing, the Co-op don’t

  • Meter reading too high?

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 22, 2017 in Help and advice

    If your meter reading is too high and you believe your meter to be faulty, then you should notify your electricity supplier such as Swalec as soon as possible. It is rarely ever the case that sky-high meter readings are accurate, so rest assured your electricity supplier will look into it for you. Possible reasons for a high meter reading

  • Ovo Energy Latest News, February 2017

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 21, 2017 in Help and advice

    Since its launch in 2009, Ovo has gone from niche energy supplier to highly rated and highly regarded member of the UK energy scene, scooping up almost 3% of the market at the same time. Much of that success has been built on the back of their fair pricing, but there’s one area where they consistently fail to live up

  • Utilita Energy in the News

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 20, 2017 in Help and advice

    As the UK’s leading pay-as-you-go energy supplier, Utilita play a huge roll in the lives of countless citizens of the United Kingdom. Established in 2004, Utilita came to the market with a view of simplifying the service customers were used to getting from the Big Six. Needless to say, that’s been a huge success for the company, although there is

  • What are QR codes and why are they on my energy bill?

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 17, 2017 in Help and advice

    Do you have a QR code on your energy bill like the one pictured above? You are not alone – everyone has one on their energy bill! You have the Government to thank for that one, who presume you’re going to need it. But what are QR codes, and why are they on your bill? In this article, you’ll find out!

  • Could smart switching cut your energy bills?

    By Energy Company Numbers on February 9, 2017 in Help and advice

    The next generation of switching services for your energy supply is on the horizon, bringing us new ways to find better deals and make timely switches in order to save money. These new ‘smart switching’ companies claim millions of UK consumers could save hundreds of pounds through using their service, but will they really work? What is smart switching? Smart

  • Giving it away: Is the British Gas free energy deal a sign of things to come?

    Major UK energy supplier, British Gas, have recently unveiled a ground-breaking new tariff, designed to cut energy bills and help their customers save. In an industry first, they are actually offering to give energy away for free for one day a week, to anyone taking up their newly designed FreeTime offer. As customers scramble to sign up for this unusual

  • What are ‘Advanced Payment’ energy plans?

    By Energy Company Numbers on January 27, 2017 in Help and advice

    With an advanced payment energy plan, you pay for your energy upfront in return for a fixed discount. This is a similar concept to paying for your car insurance upfront as opposed to monthly. Advanced payment plans will be cheaper than a standard energy plan, but they do require you to part with money upfront. While you can’t choose whether

  • EDF Warm Home Discount Guide

    By Energy Company Numbers on January 21, 2017 in edf, Help and advice

    EDF customers can call 0843 770 5028 to speak to an EDF expert about the cold weather payment and Warm Home Discount. The EDF Warm Home Discount Scheme is now open to new applications in 2017. To apply for the EDF Warm Home Discount, visit this page. What is a Warm Home Discount? A Warm Home Discount is a special promotion

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