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EDF offers different price tariffs to customers based on their varying needs. The EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff is a new option for many customers and it comes with its own fixed charges and conditions that must be followed.

Here is a brief overview of the EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff:

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Why Choose this Tariff?

This is becoming a popular tariff option due to energy needs. Customers that want access to a fixed energy price are those that will be most interested in the EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff. This means that the price of the tariff will not change for a specified period of time. Customers that do not want to worry about fluctuating rates can choose the EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff and have more peace of mind. There will be no changes in price for this tariff until the end of September 2016. Until this time, the tariff is fixed and will not change.

Exit Fees

It is also important to be aware of any exit fees that not be thatched to tariffs that you choose. The EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff is different from other tariffs offered by EDF, because it does not come with any exit fees for customers. This means that it is possible to choose a different tariff option at any time and not be penalized with additional fees as a result. Leaving this tariff will not cost any extra money in fees, which is ideal for many customers.


This is a tariff that is different from other, because it is categorized as blue. This means that it is supported by low-carbon generation that is also identified as blue. This is designed to provide added assurance to customers. It is possible to read more information about the benefits of low-carbon generation on the EDF site.

Payment Options

The payment options are also something that customers need to consider with the EDF Blue+Fixed Price tariff. The payment options that exist for this type of tariff include payments made monthly or quarterly. It is possible to make these payments during these periods with cash, check or through direct debit. Customers that want to choose a payment option that helps them save can choose direct debit. It allows for the total amount paid to be smaller with this payment option over the alternative methods.

It is possible to call EDF directly to switch to direct debit for your payment. Use our EDF number to do so – 0843 770 5028.

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