Your Guide to Hive Active Lights

By Energy Company Numbers on November 9, 2016 in Help and advice

If you’ve ever wanted to invest in a truly futuristic home set-up, then one of the most exciting things you can do for your property today is to purchase “smart” home products. The world of smart home products reaches all the way from smart security that turns lights on in your home when you’re out to ward of burglars, to smart coffee makers that can brew up your favourite drink just in time for when you’re on your way home.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your interior space and save energy at the same time, then the new British Gas Hive Active Lights could be the ideal solution. Here, we’re going to discuss a little more about how these innovative products work, and exactly what you can accomplish with them.

What is the Hive Active Light?

High active lights come in a range of different styles depending on your specific needs, but the general aim is to offer you a better quality of light, with a greater degree of energy efficiency – as well as plenty of great technology. Hive active lights can be controlled from your mobile, laptop, or tablet, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling for the switch when you’re heading to bed and then working your way to the cushion in the dark. On top of that, you can schedule dim levels and set waking alarms too – so that your lights turn on when you’re meant to be up for work. That’s just the basic Hive active light too!

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Other hive active lights include the Tuneable light by British Gas, that allows you to pick the colour of your lighting all the way from warm white to daylight cool depending on the atmosphere or mood that you want to create. On top of that, there’s the Hive Colour Active light that allows you to set your bulbs to any colour you can imagine from your phone, computer, or tablet. This is perfect for people who like to change up their lighting to suit their mood. What’s more, because the lights are specially built to reduce shadowing, you get the maximum result with any hue you select.

Why is the Hive Active Light Better for your Energy Bill?

First and foremost, hive active lights are naturally more energy-efficient because they are LED lights. The reason for this is that LED bulbs give off almost no heat, so a much higher percentage of the energy that you are using goes towards making light energy – rather than in incandescent bulbs where a significant portion of your energy is converted into heat. At the same time, because you can control your lighting from your smartphone or tablet, regardless of where you are, you can switch off lights that you accidentally left on around your home with the touch of a button – reducing usage wherever necessary.

How to Use Hive Active Lights

Using Hive active lights couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is follow these steps:

Install your new smart bulbs: Smart Hive active lights can be installed just like regular bulbs. In other words, you just switch out your regular lighting with a super-efficient smart bulb instead.

Control your bulbs: Once your bulbs are properly installed, you’ll be able to start controlling them from your smart or internet-enabled device. This means that you can do everything from choosing your colour mood, to selecting light warmth, and dimming the intensity of the light according to your various preferences.

Save money: Because Active Hive bulbs use less energy to light up your room, and can be controlled remotely to help you save energy on your bills, you should notice that your energy usage starts to fall almost instantly.

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