Yorkshire Water Contact Number

Yorkshire Water Contact Number 0843 636 6970

Yorkshire Water Phone Number 0843 636 6970

To contact Yorkshire Water, call the Yorkshire Water contact number 0843 636 6970.

Yorkshire Water Contact Numbers

Yorkshire Water Customer Services 0843 636 6970
Billing Support 0843 770 9939
Technical Support 0843 770 9941
Complaints 0843 770 9940

Contact Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water is one of the biggest water suppliers in the north of England, serving the whole of West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire and part of North Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and most of North Yorkshire. Yorkshire Water is also one of the UK’s largest landowners, with approximately 72,000 acres of land. If you live in a village, town or city in any of the areas mentioned above, then your water is supplied by Yorkshire Water. You can check if this on any recent water bill. Yorkshire Water are also well-known for their clear, transparent pricing, and their excellent infrastructure, which keeps the supply of water to all customers steady.

Contact Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water Contact Information

Full Address Yorkshire Water, PO Box 52, Bradford, BD3 7YD
Phone 0843 636 6970
Website https://www.yorkshirewater.com/
Contact Page https://www.yorkshirewater.com/contactus

Yorkshire Water’s customer service team is located in Yorkshire. The call centre itself is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It is staffed by dedicated customer service advisors, who can help you with accounts and billing, water supply problems, switching to Yorkshire water, cancelling your contract and other general enquiries. The vast majority of telephone calls made to Yorkshire Water are fulfilled in under 5 minutes. However, you may have to wait a little while longer at peak times. Yorkshire Water’s telephone line is most busy at 9am and 5pm, which is when most people start and finish work. Yorkshire Water customers can call 0843 636 6970 for immediate customer service.

As you’d expect, Yorkshire Water customer services are on hand to help you should you need any assistance. Our Yorkshire Water telephone number will get you through to Yorkshire Water quickly, who will be able to assist you with changing an address, how you pay your bills, reporting a leak plus much more. Yorkshire Water customer service is UK-based with call centres in Yorkshire and the company has a reputation for handling enquiries quickly.

What is the best way to contact Yorkshire Water?

To contact Yorkshire Water for an account or billing enquiry, the best way to contact them using the Yorkshire Water contact number 0843 636 6970. Alternatively, you can email Yorkshire Water. If you have a supply issue, then you should call Yorkshire Water’s customer service department for assistance.

Yorkshire Water has invested considerably in its customer services which are UK-based. In our experience, calls to Yorkshire Water are dealt with in minutes once you get through to the correct department. Before you call Yorkshire Water, have the following information at hand (depending on your enquiry) to speed up the enquiry process:

  1. Your Yorkshire Water customer number;
  2. Your Yorkshire Water case number (complaints);
  3. Your Debit Card details for billing;
  4. Your address for change of address enquiries;
  5. Your water meter level for accurate prices.

It is also a good idea to make a note of all of the things you wish to discuss with Yorkshire Water to avoid having to call them again.

Troubleshooting Yorkshire Water issues

If you are a Yorkshire Water customer with water issues, here’s some advice for you:

Discoloured water: Discoloured water doesn’t present health issues, but it can be unpleasant to drink or shower in. If you have discoloured water, run a tap for 10 minutes to see if the colour changes. If it does not, then contact Yorkshire Water for an engineer call out. In the meantime, you can fill a jug with water and allow it to sit until the sediment sinks to the bottom. You can then pour the clear water into another jug for drinking. You may also boil the water for additional peace of mind.

Chlorine taste or smelly water: If your water tastes or smells of chlorine, it may not be a problem with your water supply – many modern plumbing fittings are made from a material that can transfer a similar smell (rubber and plastics). However if your plumbing is not new, then this is unlikely to be the cause of the issue. Sometimes, a naturally contaminated water supply can cause a chlorine taste or smell. It’s highly unlikely that this will present any health issues however, and this should subside within a day or two. If it does not, then contact Yorkshire Water.

Bitter tastes and smells: If your water tastes bitter or smells bitter, then there’s a strong chance that the water coming out of your tap has simply been standing for a while in a metal pipe. This can be remedied by simply running the tap for a few minutes (maximum of 10). A bitter taste will be unpleasant but not harmful – we recommend running all your taps to get rid of it. If unsure, contact Yorkshire Water for help.

The Yorkshire Water contact number 0843 636 6970 will help you to get in touch with Yorkshire Water quickly. Whether you are having problems with your water supply or you wish to notify Yorkshire Water of a change of address, use our contact number to call them.

Yorkshire Water social media

Yorkshire Water address

Yorkshire Water,
PO Box 52,
BD3 7YD.

We recommend using our dedicated 0843 contact number for Yorkshire Water for the fastest customer services during the week.

“Your Yorkshire Water number is really good, I got through to a human being within 3 minutes and my enquiry was dealt with very quickly. Nice one.” – Hillary Bennet.

“If you are struggling to contact Yorkshire Water like I was, just use this phone number for them. It’s really easy.” – James Irons.

Yorkshire Water in 2017

Yorkshire Water’s customer base is expected to grow by several thousand people in 2017, due to the large number of new homes being built in Yorkshire. In 2016, Yorkshire Water did not experience any major supply issues even during the summer, when there were a few weeks of minimal rainfall. From this, we can surmise that Yorkshire Water will not experience any major supply issues in 2017, although we of course cannot predict this with complete accuracy. We also do not expect Yorkshire Water to raise their prices in 2o17.

Yorkshire Water Contact Number

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