Where can I find my MPAN and MPRN numbers?

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Ever wondered how utility companies identify your property’s electrical and gas insulations? They do so using unique identifying numbers, which all meters have. These are officially called the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) on electricity meters, and the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) on gas meters. However, most people simply call them ‘supply numbers’.

Where is my electricity supply number (MPAN)?

Your electricity supply number, also known as your Meter Point Administration Number, or MPAN for short, can usually be found on one of your electricity bills. It usually beings with the letter ‘S’ (but not always) and it is a 21-digit number. It is easy to spot, because it is set out like below (see illustration, below). If you cannot find your electricity supply number on one of your energy bills, then you should contact your electricity supplier to find out. They will be able to help you.

Here is an example of an electricity supply number:

MPAN number example

Written down, this number will be S 01 123 456 16 6789 0123 222.

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Where is my gas supply number (MPRN)?

Your gas supply number, also known as your Meter Point Reference Number, or MPRN for short, can usually be found on one of your gas bills, or your dual fuel bill, if applicable. This is a 6-10 digit numerical code, and it is usually located at the top or the bottom of the bill. Unlike your MPAN, this number does not contain any letters. Do not confuse this with your account number. If you cannot find your gas supply number, then you should contact your electricity supplier to find out.

Here is an example of a gas supply number on an energy bill:

MPR example

Sometimes, the MPRN is called the GPRN, or Gas Point Reference Number.

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When will I need my MPAN and MPRN number?

Your MPAN and MPRN numbers are used to identify your electricity and gas supply point. You may be asked for these numbers when you switch energy supplier, or take out a new tariff with somebody else. Your MPAN and MPRN number is unique to your property. It will never change. If you move home, then your MPAN and MPRN will change and you will need to give your supplier your new numbers, so that they can connect your supply. It’s important to remember that these numbers will not printed on the meters themselves. They will be on your bill – they are required to be there by law.

Do MPAN numbers ever change?

No, they don’t. However, energy suppliers such as E.on may update an MPAN number if a property is updated from old electrical infrastructure to new infrastructure.

MPAN Number Example

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