What is the ENERGY STAR?

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The ENERGY STAR label is a mark of energy efficiency. Appliances and electronics that bear the ENERGY STAR label are more energy efficient than those that don’t.

The ENERGY STAR itself is a programme that follows an agreement between the EU and the Government of the US, specifically the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to properly label energy efficient equipment, so that consumers and businesses can pick the most energy efficient models easily and reduce their carbon footprint. In the EU and the UK, that programme is called the EU ENERGY STAR Programme, and it’s the most successful programme of its type in the world.

How is ENERGY STAR status awarded?

To bear the ENERGY STAR mark, appliances and electronics must undergo rigorous tests. These tests must be performed by a third-party who is EPA recognised and reviewed by a certification body, and using detailed specifications and test procedures as set out by the EPA. Prior to granting an appliance or electronic device with ENERGY STAR status, the third party must submit their data for further analysis and approval by the EPA. Only then can a product bear the ENERGY STAR. In the EU, ENERGY STAR partners can self-certify products, however they are subject to strict quality and procedures checks, to maintain the quality of ENERGY STAR.

What are the benefits of ENERGY STAR?

The ENERGY STAR Programme has become a trusted mark all over the world, with many people looking for it when shopping for a new appliance. The EPA state that appliances with the ENERGY STAR label use between 10 and 15 percent less energy than standard appliances. So the main benefit to an appliance with the mark is that it’s highly energy efficient.

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What products can bear the ENERGY STAR label?

The types of products that can bear the ENERGY STAR mark are unlimited, as long as they are electronic. Most people will recognise the ENERGY STAR from the little blue sticker that can be found on washing machines, tumble dryers, televisions and computers. But roof skylights, imaging equipment, ceiling fans, light fixtures, bulbs and even infrared equipment can bear the ENERGY STAR mark, as well as many more appliances and devices. The full list of products that can bear the mark can be found here. As mentioned previously, all products undergo a strict quality process, to ensure that the high standards of the Programme are maintained.

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