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On April 1st 2017, UK energy supplier Utilita changed the prices on all of its gas and electricity tariffs. This will affect Utilita customers in different ways. Here we take a look at why the measures have been put in place, and how they will affect you.

Why have the prices changed?

The tariffs have been changed for several different reasons. Firstly, the price of wholesale electricity has increased. Electricity also carries costs for government policies including energy efficiency initiatives. This has pushed up the price of electricity, while gas prices have come down.

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In addition, the energy regulator Ofgem has introduced a price cap which came into effect this year. Utilita has changed its pricing and the banding between its first and second unit rates to ensure all customers remain below this price cap, no matter what energy they use.

What are the different tariffs?

Utilita offers three different energy tariffs which have been adjusted to keep costs below the price cap for both gas and electricity customers:

  1. Smart Energy

This is a tiered tariff with two different prices, or unit rates. Unit Rate 1 applies for the first 180 kWh of either gas or electricity you use each month. Any usage over this will be charged at the lower-priced Unit Rate 2. Unit rates are reset monthly.

There are no standing charges associated with this tariff.

  1. Premium Energy

This tariff is also charged at two different unit rates, but is based on your daily usage rather than monthly. Unit rates are reset daily.

Unit Rate 1 is charged for the first 1 kWH of electricity or gas you use in a day, while any extra usage is charged at Unit Rate 2, which is lower. Again, this tariff carries no standing charges.

  1. Smart E7 and Premium Smart E7

This is a tariff specifically for electricity usage, monitored by an Economy 7 meter. It has several different unit rates:

  • Day Unit Rate 1 – this applies to the first 1 kWh of electricity you use in a day, during daytime hours.
  • Day Unit Rate 2 – this is a lower rate that all further daytime electricity usage in the same day is charged at.
  • Night Rate – this is lower again, and applies to all electricity used during night time hours.

Unit rates are reset daily, and there are no standing charges on this tariff.

If you are an Economy 7 meter customer with a dual fuel supply, such as a gas cooker (not gas central heating), your gas will be charged at the monthly Smart Energy tariff rates above.

About Utilita

Utilita is the UK’s leading provider of smart pay-as-you-go energy. It was established in 2003 with the aim of providing a simpler, more streamlined energy service that gave the customer more control. All customers are supplied with smart energy meters to monitor their energy usage.

If you have any queries regarding Utilita energy supplies and tariffs you can contact them at https://utilita.co.uk/contact-us.

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