Solid Fuel Association Contact Number

Solid Fuel Association Contact Number – 01773 835400

Solid Fuel Association Contact Number
Solid Fuel Association Number – 01773 835400

The Solid Fuel Association are the UK’s official body representing the solid fuel industry within the UK. They help millions of people every year with their solid fuel queries on 01773 835400, whether they have an issue with a solid fuel producer, a fuel distributor, an appliance manufacturer or retailer, they can help you get to the bottom of your issue. By calling the Solid Fuel Association Advice Line with our number, you’ll be put through to a member of their staff who can help direct your question or complaint properly. All phone numbers on Energy Company Numbers have been tested for reliability, so you can be sure that your call will go through.

About the Solid Fuel Association

The Solid Fuel Association are the official body representing the solid fuel industry in the UK. Launched to help solid fuel customers as well as retailers, distributors and appliance manufactures within the industry maintain high standards and deal with complaints easily and effectively.

Their key aims are to promote greater awareness around the benefits of solid fuel heating amongst the general public and to promote safety in use of solid fuel heating in the public. As a wider aim, they encourage safety in use and best installation practice for the domestic solid fuel and wood burning sector.

Since their foundation, the Solid Fuel Association have been a centre for expertise regarding all things solid fuel, whether that’s wood, coal or otherwise. In more recent years, the company have operates an advice line.

Contact Solid Fuel Association Advice Line

By contacting the Solid Fuel Association advice line on 01773 835400 you’ll be put in touch with a member of their expert team, who can help solve your problem. The types of issues that the Solid Fuel Association are equipped to deal with are:

  • Issues regarding retailers selling faulty solid fuel stoves
  • Issues of safety around your solid fuel or stove
  • Problems around the installation of your solid fuel stove
  • Accreditation with the Solid Fuel Association
  • Difficulties finding a solid fuel merchant
  • Queries surrounding solid fuel

All of these issues and more can be answered through the Solid Fuel Association advice line on 01773 835400. Over the years, the Solid Fuel Association has become the recognised authority on all matters concerning solid fuels for domestic customers as well as professionals. Indeed, they association are also the go to information hub for heating installers and architects.

What shouldn’t I ring them about?

Of course, whilst the Solid Fuel Association are a very helpful bunch, there are some things which simply aren’t within their remit. For example:

  • Questions around other fuel sources like gas or electricity
  • How to light your solid fuel
  • How long it will take your room to heat up with solid fuel
  • How much fuel will you have to use to warm your home

In short, the Solid Fuel Association shouldn’t be bothered by any questions you can easily find the answer to online. The association have limited funds and crowding the advice line on 01773 835400 will only stop legitimate questions from being answered promptly.

How is the Solid Fuel Association funded?

The Solid Fuel Association and its helpline are funded by solid fuel producers (including wood fuel), fuel distributers, appliance manufacturers and retailers. Between these sectors, the SFA have enough cash to operate their phone line, which in turn helps them keep account of unscrupulous traders and businesses who give the legitimate operations a bad name.

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