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Npower will be rolling out smart meters to most of their customers soon. However while it is not yet clear when Npower smart meters will be available for home owners according to region, we do know that the government would like 90% smart meter coverage in the UK by 2020.

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Contact Npower about smart meters

If you have landed on this guide and you with to contact Npower, you can do so with the following contact number:

0843 770 5016.

Here is everything that you need to know about our smart meters and some of the most asked questions:

Npower smart meters: What do they do?

Chances are you have heard of smart meters, but you might not be familiar with how this meter is unique and what it actually offers. Smart meters are essentially the new generation of gas and electric meters. They work differently, because they rely on a wireless connection. This means it is possible for smart meters to be read remotely, which allows for more accurate energy bills.

The inconvenience of having to read your own meter is not something you will have to deal with any longer. This innovative meter even comes with a in-home display feature that allows you to keep track of your energy usage with ease. Now you will be able to predict your energy bills based on your real energy consumption.

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Npower smart meter installation: When will meters be installed?

One of the most asked questions regarding smart meters involves when they will be installed for all customers. Our goal is to have smart meters installed in all npower customer’s homes by 2020. All installation of smart meters will be completed in stages, which means that you do not need to call us to have a smart meter installed. Installation of a smart meter will occur at your home in due time as our plan of installation rolls out. When we are ready to install a smart meter at your home, we will contact you.

Npower smart meters: The benefits

Smart meters offer a variety of benefits over traditional meters. A smart metering system can actually allow you to give you more accurate energy bills. The estimating aspect of energy bills will be reduced greatly through a smart metering system. You will now be billed for the energy that you are using automatically. Having to deal with your own meter reading will be a thing of the past, which is so much more convenient for customers.

If you want to be able to budget, you can even keep track of your energy usage using the in-home display feature. This enables customers to actually see the amount of energy used since the last bill. This smart metering system even allows customers to see the items that use the most energy, which allows them to make changes that lead to big energy savings.

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