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LoCO2 is a renewable energy company in the UK. Founded in 2009, LoCO2 is a unique energy company in that as part of TLS Hydro, they own and operate hydropower stations throughout the UK, creating clean and environmentally friendly energy for customers. There are just four renewable electricity tariffs to choose from with LoCO2, each designed to keep energy consumption down and save you money. This is a unique approach to energy that you will not find among the ‘big six’ or other independent energy suppliers. To find out more, get in touch with LoCO2 today.

To find out more about LoCO2, call our LoCO2 telephone number on 0843 770 5062, today.

About LoCO2

LoCO2 Energy LTD, branded as LoCO2, is an independent renewable energy supplier that owns and operates its own hydropower stations across the UK. They have been in the energy industry for more than 10 years but the company as we know it was formed in 2009.

In comparison to other energy suppliers, LoCO2 is a relatively new option for consumers.

The electricity supplied to customers by LoCO2 is generated by power stations that flow electricity through the National Grid. To a lesser extent, LoCO2 runs nine hydropower stations, which generate renewable energy – this energy is transformed into electricity, which customers use. LoCO2 also buys renewable energy and low-carbon electricity from microgenerators and reputable sources.

A promise made by LoCO2 to consumers is that all of the energy supplied is from renewable sources, such as hydro, wind, solar, and technologies that transform agricultural waste. This gives them a unique selling point and an interesting perspective over the industry.

Switching to LoCO2 is relatively easy and straight-forward. If you wish to switch to LoCO2 or if you would like to find out more about the company, you can do so using our telephone number, or the contact information listed below which is also available in the public domain.

LoCO2 Customer Service Telephone Number 0843 770 5062

Our LoCO2 telephone number is a general enquiries line that will connect you to customer service.

Why Choose LoCO2?

LoCO2 is a small independent energy supplier with customer service at its core. If you wish to use energy from a quality-conscious and customer-centric supplier, there’s none better than LoCO2.

Contact LoCO2

You can get in touch with LoCO2 on our supplied telephone number, 0843 770 5062.

Alternatively, you can write to LoCO2 at the address below or get in touch with them through social media.

LoCO2 Address

LoCO2 Energy Ltd
1st Floor, Batchworth Lock House
99 Church Street
Hertfordshire, WD3 1JJ

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