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If you are already a customer of First Utility but you want to leave then there are options that you have available.

It is necessary that you contact First Utility right away once you determine that you want to leave. This will allow First Utility to give you offers that might entice you to stay on as a customer. For instance, First Utility might offer a reduced energy rate for six months.

For those that are not persuaded to continue as a customer of First Utility, it is possible for you to have your entire account cancelled and that will enable you to leave and find another provider. Alternatively, you may like to benefit from the switching process, or you might like to simply switch your First Utility tariff.

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If you would like to cancel, here’s what you need to know:

Cancellation fees

If you are one of the many First Utility customers that is on a tariff, it is important to determine if it comes attached with a contract or cancellation fees. There are a number of tariffs offered by First Utility that do not come with a contract or cancellation fee. This means that you can simply give First Utility notice of your desire to leave and you can leave within 28 days from when notice was given. If you are unsure of your cancellation fees, these can be found in the terms and conditions of your tariff document. If you do not have this available, then contact First Utility.

Fixed Tariff customers

Customers that are on a fixed price tariff have a different process that must be taken to leave First Utility. There is a cancellation fee that will be charged at £30 per fuel. When you first became a customer of First Utility and chose this fixed price tariff plan, you were most likely given a tariff guide that you can use. The guide will include all the information that you need to know about charges and fees that might be assessed when you decide to leave the fixed tariff plan early.


When you are thinking about switching suppliers, you might not know exactly what type of advice that you should follow. It is possible for you to get information that is unbiased about energy suppliers online. These sites can be used for research and will allow you to get the information that you need to make the most informed decision about your switch. There is a lot of information online that many people find helpful. It is important that when you are searching online for sites to trust that you choose one that is accredited. Sites that are accredited come with a Confidence Code. This allows you to rely on the information that is given and have confidence that it is accurate and will help you make a decision on an energy supplier.

You can contact First Utility on 0843 770 5059.

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