Ecotricity Contact Number 0843 770 5093

Ecotricity Contact Number
Ecotricity Customer Service 0843 770 5093

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Ecotricity customer service can be reached on 0843 770 5093 8:00am – 8:00pm Monday to Friday. It can also be called on Saturday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. This phone number will put you through to Ecotricity’s customer service department for general enquiries.

Ecotricity Contact Numbers

Ecotricity Customer Services 0843 770 5093
Customer Enquiries 01453 761482
Switching to Ecotricity 0800 999 4 600
Microtricity 0345 555 7 600

Ecotricity was founded in 1996. It was the world’s first fully green electricity company and it remains the only viable green alternative to the big six. Ecotricity actually offer both electricity and gas, the latter of which was introduced in 2010. Uniquely, Ecotricity are 100% green. They generate their own energy – separate from the national grid – and they invest all their profits back into the development of green technologies to grow their green energy production. They operate a unique business model with no shareholders so they are free to dedicate themselves to the advancement of green energy in the United Kingdom. As a result, Ecotricity spend more money per customer on new sources of energy than any other utility company in the United Kingdom. So if you are looking for an energy supplier who is fully committed to the environment, Ecotricity is it.

To find out more about Ecotricity, visit the company’s official website. A link to their website can be found below, along with social media contact information and their full address if you would like to write to them. The fastest way to contact Ecotricity is on the telephone however, using the Ecotricity phone number listed on this page.

About Ecotricity

Ecotricity as the UK’s greenest energy company with practically all of the electricity and gas generated and sold by them coming from renewable sources. The main source of their electricity is from wind farms and the company has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop their windfarms further to boost electricity production and to cope with a surge in demand for their services. Their mission is, without doubt, an ethical one, given that our dependence on fossil fuels (particularly coal) is destroying the planet.

In terms of gas, Ecotricity built three state-of-the-art Green Gas Mills through 2015 with the third and last mill sited in Somerset. Green Gas is an initiative that Ecotricity has developed to generate gas in a greener more environmentally-friendly way that it is currently.

In terms of their energy tariffs, Ecotricity has but two; an electricity one and a gas one, both of which are very competitively priced. In addition to this, every single customer pays the same price for their energy, regardless of what region in the UK they live or when they joined the company. Ecotricity also have no exit fees and no penalties which is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, Ecotricity offer their energy on a pay as you go basis and uniquely, customers on pay as you go tariffs pay the same as customers who are not. How good is that!?

Ecotricity Contact Information

You can contact Ecotricity on 0843 770 5093 for all general enquiries, or you can write to them or contact them on social media using the following information:

Ecotricity Group Limited,
Lion House,
GL5 3BY.

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus.


Contact Ecotricity today to find out more about the company and their tariffs. If you are an existing customer, make sure that you have your customer number or your energy supply number to hand so that Ecotricity customer services can deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

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