British Gas tariff information for 2016

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If you are an existing British Gas customer or you are thinking about switching to British Gas, you can find out more about their 2016 energy tariffs below.

The gas and electricity tariffs covered in this article were available at the time of publication in January 2016, however they are subject to change at any time. We recommend you visit this page on the British Gas website for up-to-date information and for the latest energy deals. This article builds on our previous article, British Gas tariff guide for 2015/16.

British Gas tariff information

There are four energy tariffs offered by British Gas in 2016. These are: Fixed Price, Standard, Fix and Reward and Fix and Fall. One thing all British Gas tariffs have in common is that they offer a £15 dual fuel discount. Here’s everything you need to know about each tariff:

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Fixed Price (July 2018)

The Fixed Price tariff from British Gas is a fixed tariff with prices fixed until July 2018. With a fixed tariff, if your supplier’s prices increase, yours stay the same until your contract runs out. This particular tariff has no exit fees and you can get a £15 dual fuel discount with it. British Gas says this is the cheapest tariff for their pay-as-you-go customers.

Standard (Variable)

The Standard (Variable) tariff from British Gas is a variable tariff with prices that move up and down with the market. It is available for all types of customer, including pay-as-you-go customers, and there are no exit fees. You can get a £15 dual fuel discount if you take out a gas and electricity contract with the Standard (Variable) tariff.

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Fix and Reward (January 2017)

The Fix and Reward tariff from British Gas is a fixed tariff with prices fixed until January 2017. This will change as time goes on. For instance, in March the tariff will be fixed until March 2017. This tariff offers customers a £50 gift card and there are no exit fees. You can also quality for a £15 dual fuel discount, as with all other British Gas tariffs.

Fix and Fall (January 2017)

The Fix and Fall tariff from British Gas is a fixed tariff with prices fixed until January 2017. As previously mentioned, this will change as time goes on. This particular tariff recently had its gas prices reduces by 5% and there are no exit fees. There is also a £15 dual fuel discount available and this tariff is available to all customers, including prepaid customers.

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Things to remember about these tariffs

The dates on the tariffs mentioned above will change over time. For example, the Fix and Reward (January 2017) tariff will be the Fix and Reward (February 2017) in February. It’s also important to remember that British Gas may not offer the best rates for your usage. We recommend you compare the market to see who offers the best rates.

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