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Hive Active Heating is a live thermostat that uses a Wi-Fi connection to allow home owners to adjust the temperature in their home through a mobile device, such as a tablet computer or smartphone.

The main benefit of having this device installed is that you will have far greater control over the temperature in your home, with the ability to adjust it when you are not at the property. This device is not just for British Gas customers – it’s available to everyone, although if you order the Hive through British Gas one of their engineers will install it for you. Self installation is possible, although it will take around 30 minutes to complete.

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British Gas Hive 2.0

An update to the original Hive thermostat came out this year so for the sake of clarity, the images we are displaying here today are of the Hive 2.0 – the latest incarnation of this product for 2015.

The Hive 2.0 has a new design over the old model, with several usability improvements. These include faster information delivery and better control response.

Here’s what the new Hive thermostat 2.0 looks like:

Hive Active Heating thermostat

As you can see, it’s a very stylish device.

However, the kit is actually made up of three parts, which comprise:

1. Hive thermostat;

2. Hive thermostat hub – this is a small device that plugs into your broadband router so that the Hive thermostat can connect to the internet, and;

3. Hive thermostat receiver – this device creates the link between the Hive and your boiler to allow them to talk to one another.

This is what the kit looks like:

Hive guide

Interestingly, the Hive thermostat is also available in a range of different colours inspired by Dulux paint (you can change the colour of the back plate). These frames are interchangeable and cost £19.99 each. They are all single block colours, however there is a walnut effect frame available which adds a little bit of extra class to the device. Here’s the colours available:

Hive thermostat colour choices

As we mentioned in our opening paragraph, the benefit of having Hive installed is that you can control your heating and your hot water anywhere with an internet connection. So whether you are on the bus or at work, you have full control over your boiler. Most Hive users access this functionality on their smartphone, so here’s an illustration of what the app looks like:

Hive Active Heating app

The Hive app is extremely clever and offers heating control, hot water control, geo-location, heating and water schedules, frost protection (Hive uses sensors to detect changes in water pipe temperature) and a holiday mode so that you can completely shut down Hive functionality. Here are links to the Hive app on the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store:

Hive on Google Play (for Android)

Hive on iTunes (for iPhone and iPad)

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What are the benefits of Hive?

There are three key benefits to Hive Active Heating:

1. Control – With the Hive app on your smartphone or tablet computer, you can control your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world. And if you do not have a smartphone or tablet computer, then you can do the same from a laptop or desktop computer. Greater control over your heating and hot water will help you to get more from your energy.

2. Save – With Hive Active Heating, you will be able to control your heating and hot water remotely. This is a fantastic feature to show off to your mates, but it also has cost saving advantages. British Gas estimates that you could save up to £150 per annum on your energy bills with Hive installed, because you will be able to better plan your energy consumption and remotely shut down your heating should you leave the house without turning it off.

3. Compatibility – With Hive, boiler compatibility isn’t an issue because this thermostat has been tested on 95% of boilers on the market with a 100% success rate. The kit works extremely well and it can be used on boilers that are over 15 years old in many cases.

How do I get Hive Active Heating?

Hive Active Heating is available for all British Gas customers. The Hive Active Heating™ 2 kit costs £249. This includes the Hive thermostat, receiver, hub, Hive app + installation (worth £80). When you order the kit, you can choose an installation date and British Gas engineers will visit your property and install it for free. As we mentioned earlier, no matter who supplies your energy you can benefit from Hive.

How long does it take to install Hive?

All in all, installation takes approximately 90 minutes and it is included in the price with British Gas. The Hive thermostat should only be installed by a trained and competent person, so if you choose to get Hive through a different source, please ensure you arrange professional fitting to ensure a safe and functional installation.

Can I upgrade my original Hive to Hive 2.0?

Yes! British Gas sells something called the Hive Active Heating™ 2 upgrade kit for £99 which includes the new Hive 2.0 thermostat – your existing Hive hub and Hive receiver do not need to be changed.

Okay, how do I get started?

You can order the Hive thermostat with British Gas here on their website.

However, it’s actually easier to call them. Our British Gas phone number, which can be reached on 0843 770 5045, is extremely reliable and will get you through to the correct department quickly – thousands of people have already benefited from using this number.

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