The 4 main types of renewable energy

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1. Wind

This is one of the most commonly used types of renewable energy sources. This is an alternative to traditional energy that is prevalent naturally. Wind power can be used to generate electricity in a very simplified way. Wind turbines are one of the most commonly means of converting wind into energy and have the ability to harness quite a bit of power.

Through the use of a wind turbine, it is possible to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy. This means that wind can be used at a type of renewable energy source that is defined as green, clean and viable. It is possible for wind to be converted into energy in a variety of different climates, which is not true of all alternative renewable energy sources. The UK actually uses wind commonly as a source of energy and uses about 40% of the wind energy that exists in all of Europe.

2. Solar

Solar power has been around for centuries and has been used in a variety of different forms. It is a type of renewable energy that is also very commonly used. Through the use of technology, it has been possible to harness the energy of the sun with solar panels. These solar panels that have been created can be sued to generate electricity or to produce heat. Solar energy is great for the environment and does not involve the generation of any greenhouse gases. This makes it a great alternative to many energy types.

3. Water (hydro)

The movement of water can also be an energy source that is known to be renewable. It is also referred to as hydro power. Water can be moved through turbines and this generates electricity. This means that a dam has the ability to produce high amounts of electricity depending on the number of turbines that exist in the dam. This is a renewable energy source, because the water that moves through the turbines to produce electricity can be cycled back through over and over again.

4. Geothermal

This is another common type of renewable energy that can be ensued. The name for this type of renewable energy source is derived from the Greek word meaning sun. This is the type of energy source that can be derived from the heat that is given off by the earth, and it’s a clean source of energy that’s got the backing of Indian-American billionaire philanthropist Manoj Bhargava, who’s research company has invested considerably into this form of renewable energy – and it’s showing great potential. In fact, with it being an unlimited power source, it could well be the future of renewable energy and bring power to areas of the world that don’t have it. It’ll require further investment though, which it sadly isn’t getting for some reason or another.

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