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How to send a meter reading to npower

By Energy Company Numbers on August 20, 2015 in Help and advice, npower

Sending a meter reading is an option that all npower customers have available. This is designed to be the simple and easy method for paying for your exact usage. It is possible to send your meter reading in online. All you have to do is begin by making an account that can be used to send in your meter readings.

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Reasons to Send in Meter Reading Online

The biggest reasons that customers of npower choose to send in meter reading by creating and online account is to get rid of estimated bills. This allows customers to begin paying for energy that they use only, which is what many customers desire. This is the method that can be chosen when you want to ensure that you are paying the correct amount for the energy that you have used each and every time.

Login Method

It is possible to login and create an account online that you can use for sending in your meter readings. However, there are some customers that would prefer to choose another method. Those that do not want to login or create an account online cam simply need to have their account number handy.

If you have your account number with you, the other methods that you can choose for providing your meter reading include:

Smartphone App

As long as you have a Smartphone that you can use, it is possible to provide your meter reading to npower. There is a free Smartphone app that can downloaded on your Smartphone and will allow you to provide your meter reading. There are even other services that you can use when you download this app.

Phone Npower to submit a meter reading

It is also possible to provide meter reading to npower using your phone. You must have your account number with you when you make this call and call using a landline phone. There is even the possibility of having text alerts sent to your mobile phone when your gas or electric meter needs to be read. To send a meter reading, you can do so with the following contact number: 0843 770 5016.

Customers can choose any of these available options and choose the one that woks best for them. The readings that are obtained through the above methods are used for the next bill that is produced. However, it is important to note that there are still instances when meter consumption will be estimated. This is not always the case, but it is a possibility even when you choose these methods.

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